Microsoft offers and provides support for Android phones in it’s new UK store!

Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain on it’s new store in Oxford Circus. People started queuing up from before 10 AM while the store officially opened at 11 AM.

This is a place where people can do so much more than just shop. It’s a place where they can learn new skills, where businesses can grow and where we can build long term links with the communities in our neighbourhood. – Cindy Rose, CVP Microsoft UK

There are four main takeaways I got from the store which I’d like to share with you. At the bottom, you can find general info on the store but I would recommend you visit in person to check it out!

Surface Design Lab

This is a UK Store exclusive; the Surface Design Lab allows you to customize your TypeCover keyboard for your Microsoft Surface for free. You can add preset designs or stickers, as well as initials or even a short phrase. This truly allows you to make your Surface device your own. You do have to visit the store to get this done at time of purchasing your type cover, it can not be done online.

Forza McClaren Experience

Ever wanted to play Forza while sitting in a McClaren to get the best experience? Well now you can and again, it’s only available at the Microsoft Store in the UK. While I didn’t get a chance to sit in the car myself due to quite a long queue, the people that did really enjoyed it. It’s a very immersive experience and for those passionate Forza players out there, it’s an incredible way to play the game.

Digital Classroom

Similar to the Apple Store, which is just doors away from this Microsoft Store by the way, Microsoft will be offering workshops to both students and business about their products and services. I witnessed a LinkedIn session earlier where they were showing students on how to use LinkedIn to build a brand for themselves.

Android phones and watches

I found this rather interesting. As we all know, Microsoft had a mobile platform once, long live Windows Phone but now that is well and truly buried. Microsoft recognises the evergrowing demand for smartphones and since it doesn’t have any of it’s own, it’s offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Razer phone. Unsure if there are plans to offer more Android phones in the future but I wouldn’t be surprised. Also of note is the fact that Microsoft will provide support for these Android phones and even iPhones from a software perspective. What I mean by this is if customers have issues getting their Outlook email to work or any issues with Office 365 apps on non Microsoft products, support will still be provided.

Summary + Round Up

Overall, I enjoyed my short time at the Microsoft Store UK opening. I’d highly recommend you check it out and while the four points above were my key takeaways, it’s worth exploring for yourself to see what else you may like from the store. Up until now, you’ve only been able to physically buy Microsoft products from the likes of John Lewis and Dixons Carphone so I think it’s really interesting for Microsoft to launch this store. It will certainly prove good competition but also may inspire other brands such as ASUS or Lenovo to consider building their own stores.

More information on the store can be found here

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