Men’s Guide to Being a Stylish Student

People always say school days are the best days of your life, right? Wrong. University is. You’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Free to party, free to drink as much alcohol as humanly possible, free to bring your other half back to your room without mum interrupting with orange squash. I mean what more could you want? Well, sometimes we get it all wrong, but with this list of do’s and definitely don’ts you’ll be on the path to experiencing the best semester you have ever experienced at university!

So it’s your first day and you’re staring blankly into your dingy and cramped flat wardrobe, which instantly makes all your clothes appear grey. You want to stand out but not to the point where everyone is thinking “what the hell?” – we’re opting for a more “who’s that guy?” approach to standing out. So keep your first day outfit stylish yet chilled. A way to do so is to team a pair of skinny jeans with a lazy t-shirt, this way you look cool but effortlessly cool. Pull on a bomber jacket or parker – cause it is still freezing in January and if your mum ever found out your life wouldn’t be worth living – find a pair of nearly clean shoes and you’re ready to impress in your lecture. Oh, and don’t forget your bag.

So now that you know what to wear on your first day at uni, you’ll be pondering what you’re going to wear to that flat party you were invited to right? I know when people ask you to a party you want to show up wearing the best of your wardrobe contents, but don’t take this idea to the extreme. From experience, parties at university can get pretty messy. Therefore, wear something half decent but make sure it’s not your Ralph Lauren shirt as it is bound to get jager all over it. You can pick up a few decent shirts from Topman, which will look instantly smart, but without that expensive price tag. Remember your student card when entering Topman as students get 10% off! Team your shirt with a pair of jeans and smart shoes and you’re ready to hit the party!

When hitting the library to study I know  you’re probably thinking you can waltz in wearing tracksuit bottoms and an over-sized tee, but you thought wrong. The library is where people go to judge and secretly flirt – and sometimes study – therefore you need to be looking tiptop every time you make a special appearance. To ensure you look like the hottest geek in the library I have dedicated myself to providing you with a checklist of essential apparel to wear to this outing. The camel coat is a classic display of a well-read gentleman  (which is what you’re trying to portray boys). By teaming this classic overcoat – in the iconic camel colour – with a pair of dark jeans and a black pull over jumper worn over a checked shirt – you’ll be the talk of the campus. It’s all about keeping your attire clean and simple to opt for a minimalist yet classic look.

So you’ve finally managed to pluck up the courage to ask that hot girl from your seminar for a coffee at the famous Starbucks, but you don’t know what to wear. Fear no more my little Romeo for I have picked the perfect outfit that will have this lady falling at your feet. So I’m thinking along the lines of biker jackets, everyone loves a leather jacket, but not everyone knows how to pull it off as smoothly as Alex Turner does. Keep it simple, yet again; can you see the pattern forming? Simple is classy. So black is the new, black right? Team a pair of black skinnies with a plain tee, colour of your choice, but stick to white or grey, so take your pick. Pull on your leather jacket and either wear a pair of Doc’s or a pair of sneaks to present a little edginess to your appearance. If you’re feeling extra hip on the big day of your date, wear a long pendant necklace – which will add a little detail to your overall look and if nothing else – give you guys something to talk about. Enjoy your date!

So there you have it., the ultimate guide to keep you male students looking extra sassy this semester. Stick to the guidelines and you will never make another wardrobe malfunction again. Keep it classy guys!


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