McDonald’s launch new fashion and homeware lines in Sweden

McDonald’s is clearly in such high demand that we can now wear their Big Mac burgers.

McDonald’s have recently launched their new fashion and homeware lines in Sweden. The product line-up consists of matching thermal tops and bottoms, bed linen, wallpaper, a raincoat, Wellies, and even a dog coat! Each item, not so stylishly, all sport the same Big Mac imaged repeated on a white background– subtle!

Totally unsurprisingly, the sizes range from an extra small to an extra extra large. However, these items are only available in Sweden and won’t be shipped anywhere else in the world, so if you wanted to make a statement in the UK you can’t I’m afraid!

You could go a little more contemporary and immerse yourself in the trend of Moschino’s AW 14/15 collection that features the iconic golden arches and a red and yellow colour scheme. The tongue and cheek attitude toward fashion could have been a source of inspiration for the McDonald’s enterprise.

This McFashion project is part of a global publicity push called ‘imlovinit 24’, that hosts 24 different marketing stunts in 24 cities.

For all those hardcore Big Mac fans, it is now possible to wear it head to toe, sleep in it, decorate your home in it and even dress your dog in that beloved burger. It feels as though the huge McDonald’s corporation is slowly taking over the world with new ways to advertise and create mass publicity stunts.

I wonder what other bizarre ways they will make us crave the classic Big Mac. However, I can’t help feeling, or perhaps hoping, that this is an elaborate April Fool’s prank.


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