Man try say he’s better than me? Stormzy tops speech intelligence list

Ever been on a date and been so nervous you’ve stumbled over your words, dropped ‘like’ five times in one sentence and ‘umm’ before every new trail of thought? Well you aren’t alone. A massive 85% of your peers from across the country have admitted to littering their speech with pointless words and ‘fillers’.

Dating aside, even in everyday life nearly a quarter of people don’t feel confident about their voice when trying to communicate, with the majority (69%) opting to text over talking. This is according to gweek, a new speech intelligence app, which allows users to place a two minute ‘call’ to the app and almost immediately receive a score and bespoke advice to improve their skills in bite-sized phases, to help people unlock their speech potential on the go. As we see more and more people with heads down, tapping away, instead of looking up and engaging with the world, isn’t it about time we learned to love our voice?

Interestingly, the study by gweek, revealed that speaking without filler words actually makes people appear more intelligent, more attractive, more popular, and more likely to be offered a job at a senior level. They also ‘gweeked’ a few well known celebs too, with UK grime artist Stormzy taking the crown as a more confident and engaging speaker than the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and David Attenborough!

So if you are part of the 72% of the nation who feel better communication skills would help in your university, work and love life (Stormzy is having a great time at the moment), help is here.gweek is launching a UK-wide campaign to help the nation not only find its voice, but learn to #LoveYourVoice. It only takes five simple steps:


  1. Download the app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store
  2. Place a ‘call’ to gweek speaking for 60 seconds on a topic of your choice
  3. Get your gweek “score” of between 1 – 100 within minutes (will you even beat the legend that is David Attenborough?)
  4. Receive self-paced training on how to improve your speech and communication
  5. Score above 95 three times and progress through the four levels, from Si1 (Speech Intelligence 1) to Si4


Additionally one lucky ‘speaker’ who improves their speech intelligence the most, will become the voice of gweek on a nationwide radio campaign!


You can find out more about gweek here.




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