Verge Loves: Aldo Coppola

Could we be more in love with the collection of hair care products by Aldo Coppola? We think not.

With the Summer in sight, MICHAEL JOHN GUZZON, Art Director of luxury hair and beauty salon ALDO COPPOLA, has put together some helpful tips to get your hair looking beautiful and healthy throughout the hot Summer months. When hair is exposed to heat and high UV, it causes the hair to dry out and weakens the follicles; Aldo Coppola’s AQUAMARE range holds the solution to all your summer hair needs and its completely natural!

Born in the heart of Milan in 1965, Aldo Coppola is Italy’s No.1 premium hair care brand. Having collaborated with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world including Valentino and Christian Dior, and styled the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Aldo Coppola has risen to be a well-respected brand around the world.

Inspired by the natural beauty of hair, Aldo Coppola went on to create his own line of natural and organic products; these products have since gone on to become a world bestseller for many years.  Their infusions are a delicate formula of plant based and natural ingredients such has herbs enriched in sugars, vitamins and proteins.  The combinations not only give a natural shine and volume to hair but also offer intense, revitalising nourishment.


Michael John suggest to leave your hairdryer at home! Make the most of the warm weather while you are away and let your hair dry naturally. Even braid your hair so when your hair is completely dry, you are left with a cool wavy effect.


When enjoying the sun, ensure to protect your hair with a UV protector to reduce any potential damage that can be caused from the sun. Keep hair exposed to the natural elements and tie it into a soft bun instead of leaving it suffocating under a hat.


Remember to rinse hair of any sea water after a day at the beach. Excess salt can dry out the hair cuticles and scalp,
leading to irritation.


Many sun worshippers prefer pools to beaches, but be sure to protect the hair from chlorine. Chlorine strips the hair of its natural oils (sebum) reducing overall hair flexibility and shine. Keratin within the hair is also damaged, making hair more prone to breakage. Michael John suggests using a nourishing hair mask to reduce chlorine damage and
the best way to protect the hair is to always wear a cap in the pool!


The next big Summer hair trend? Michael John says that luscious waves will remain a hot favourite this year, but be ready for BRAID-SUMMER! From fishtails to boxers, we will see it all this year and more! Not a fan of braids? Michael John suggests wearing a turban for those hot summer days on the beach to add a bit of style.

For best results, Aldo Coppola have developed a totally organic range of products to aid hair protection and keep hair nourished and healthy throughout the summer. Prior to sitting in the sun, Aldo Coppola’s AQUAMARE DRY OIL hydrates the hair without giving an oily texture and offers protection from the heat. The AQUAMARE SHAMPOO AND MASK is infused with Algae Bruna extract to nourish and repair the hair after exposure to the sun.

AQUAMARE DRY OIL hydrates the hair without giving an oily texture and offers protection from heat. Priced at £29 for 200ml.

AQUAMARE SHAMPOO is infused with Algae Bruna Extract to nourish and repair the hair after exposure to the sun.  Perfect for overseas holidays in warmer climates or for the great British summer.  Priced at £26 for 200ml.

AQUAMARE MASK is an after sun mask also with Algae Bruna Extract to aid nourishment and repair the hair post exposure to the hot sunshine of the summer months.  Priced at £29 for 200ml.

All available online from Aldo Coppola and in-store at Aldo Coppola, Sloan Avenue, South Kensington, London.