Lutalo Muhammad, inspires the UK to chase their dream in epic Taekwondo masterclass

British Olympic medallist, Lutalo Muhammad, held an inspirational Taekwondo workshop earlier this week, highlighting what it takes to chase your dream, no matter what.

Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, Bridgestone, introduced Lutalo Muhammad as a new ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’ ambassador. The two-time Olympic medallist helped coach us teaching a series of Taekwondo techniques, after demonstrating his extraordinary athleticism and showcasing his skill set. Lutalo went on to discuss the importance of how his family has helped him stay determined and focused throughout the highs and lows of his career.

Lutalo Muhammad and Wayne Muhammad

Lutalo has aspired to win an Olympic Gold medal, since he was a little boy and at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, his dream slipped away in the very last second of the Taekwondo final. However, with support of his father and a focused training regime, he has overcome the devastating defeat and is now eyeing a Gold medal at the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.



A few of Lutalo’s quotes:

“Knowing that I was just one second away from holding the Gold medal in my hands, knowing that after all those years of hard work, sacrifice, commitment, all those hours of training, knowing that I had let it all go to waste, because of one second was so hard to take.”

“Setbacks and disappointments can hurt a lot, but I think it’s important to view those setbacks and see them as opportunities to bounce back, to get stronger and to do better.”

“The pain of losing an Olympic final is setting me up for the ultimate joy of becoming an Olympic champion, and I know for a fact that no one will appreciate becoming an Olympic champion more than me because of a pain that I’ve had to endure to reach that pinnacle.”

“When I think about that moment now, I don’t beat myself up about it, my dad taught me better than that. I think about what I did achieve and what I’m capable of achieving. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s what we do next that counts. That Silver medal didn’t make me a failure; it made me even more hungry to win.”


Since Lutalo was three years old his father trained him in the art of Taekwondo, but more importantly Wayne has taught his son perseverance throughout his life and it was this value which ensured Lutalo bounced back after 2016 – this was not the time to give up.

Wayn Muhammad added:

It was devastating to see my son break down on the biggest stage, but I’m so proud of what he’s already achieved in his career. His mindset is so strong, and I have full confidence that he’ll do absolutely everything to achieve his ultimate dream of winning gold.”

Walthamstow born and Manchester resident, Muhammad joins Bridgestone as a Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador as he aims to qualify for his third Olympic Games this summer. The dual medallist is aiming to become a two weight Olympic medallist, switching from his traditional -80kg division to the heavyweight +80kg class for Tokyo 2020.

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, is on the road to Tokyo 2020 in its hometown and home country, Japan. As a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, the company aims to inspire people of all ages, abilities and passions to chase their dream and overcome the obstacles they face on life’s journey through its ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’ campaign.


Muhammad joins Bridgestone UK’s Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador team, with legendary decathlete alongside two-time Olympic Gold medallist Daley Thompson in the UK.


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