Loyle Carner is a British musician, who was raised in South Croydon and studied at the Brit School, therefore this project is very close to his heart. Working with global lifestyle brand Timberland and London National Park City they have created a brand new, green community space in Thornton Heath, Croydon. Ready for all its residents to enjoy and benefit! 

Last Saturday (3rd October) the final phase of the urban greening project was complete, re-greening a disused area not far from where he grew up, Loyle hopes to make the capital greener, healthier and wilder. He says, 

“Feels good to be home. I was lucky to grow up around green space, but in my area that’s not how it is for everyone. So I took a small but vital step in the right direction to bring more green space to the Croydon community. I’m still moved that Timberland would support such a grassroot initiative, and help us link up with London National Park City”

In partnership with Timberland’s Nature Needs Heroes campaign and LNPC, Loyle Carner has created a new community square that will act as a space for locals to access calm and peace; a place to be proud of. While also raising awareness about environmental issues in his hometown Croydon, a notorious concrete jungle.  

The urban greening development started with a community event involving locals to provide feedback and input into the project. Thanks to the help of Croydon Council actively engaging with the local community, they took a leading role in bringing it all together. They even added their own finishing touches to the space, members of the community were invited down to plant something beautiful and make their own contribution to the project. Allowing the people of Thornton Heath to have an active role in this project was pivotal to creating a space they will actually use, a place which is inspiring and encourages creativity.

This urban oasis offers Croydon locals, who don’t have the luxury of the countryside on their doorstep, positive change and a peaceful area to reflect and enjoy, in a time where the outdoors, nature and green spaces are crucial to our mindset and everyday lives. 

With the help of Timberland, LNPC, and support from Croydon Council, Loyle brings to life the area of Thornton Heath as part of Timberland’s biggest campaign to date – Nature Needs Heroes. From pledging to plant 50M trees by 2025 to intending to create a net positive impact on the environment by 2030, Timberland believes a greener future is a better future. The Ambassador House forecourt is now open to enjoy.