Looking for A Scare This Halloween? Tulley’s Farm Scares Up Shocktober Fest

Prepare for a night you won’t forget, as Tulley’s Shocktober Fest returns in 2023 celebrating over 25 years of screams.

Having rapidly achieved its reputation as the UK’s top Halloween attraction, 2023 has seen Tulley’s Farm amplify its game to its best yet. With elevated Haunts featuring improved layouts, increasingly terrifying characters, and more extreme effects, it promises a packed evening of immersive action through mazes, street theatre, and much much more.

There are 11 main Haunts and attractions to explore, each with varying ‘scare factors’. The classic Creepy Cottage hits a Scare Factor of 5, scaring up dark winding corridors, creaky floors, and creepy crawly-filled rooms that also host their previous inhabitants that haven’t been able to pass over to the other side. While visitors receive a traditional ghostly welcome, will its chilling residents let you back out?

Hell-ements (Scare Factor 8) unleashes earth, window, fire, and water, leading daring voyagers in their journey to the underworld. The voyage is long and difficult, and being shrouded in a cloth hood and guided by rope, you can’t see your way there – you can only sense it. The punishing route imposes the four elements on condemned souls, forever to be marked by their ordeal.

For the particularly brave adventurers, Electrick Circus hits the top Scare Factor of 9, well above and beyond a twisted re-wire of an abandoned Circus plot. It offers a super-charged journey that creates sparks and triggers jolts of excitement and terror. It begs the question of if all the clowns are dead, then who runs the show? Meet Sparky, the new clown in town – and your nightmares.

The Cellar Imprisoned deals a deadly game of cat and mouse, where feral scavengers are the cats and you are the mouse, while Wastelands Penitentiary throws you into a den of the dangerous (and escaped) incarcerated ready to inflict revenge. There are fire shows, a Circus of Horrors, and a Haunted Hayride – and with no moment of respite at Shocktober Fest, this is not one for the faint-hearted!

In true festival style however, there’s delicious food and drink options across the Farm, along with spooktactular activities such as zombie paintball and axe-throwing for those that prefer adventure over horror. Other than the activities and the mazes themselves, expect to be petrified by roaming characters, wowed by explosions of smoke, fire, and colour, and entertained by a healthy dose of live music and DJs to keep the evening of unrivalled fun scaring its way well into the night.

Be ready for a night filled with dazzling special effects, immersive scenery, live actors, great food and one hell of an atmosphere. You can book your Xscream Pass to Shocktober Fest, add on Fast Track options, or go all-out with the RIP Fast Track Bundle, right here.

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