LOCKDOWN BINGE – shows for every mood during lockdown

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Self-isolation can trigger different moods, from boredom to anxiety, and even denial. There’s no doubt that Brits will be turning to telly at some point during their social distancing, so Freesat has compiled the best shows for every mood you’re likely to experience, along with how long it will take you to binge-watch. With over 27 days (438.8 hours) worth of box sets to watch, there’s something for all stages of isolation.


Boredom – As our workloads slow down, staying at home for days on end can be a drag. For those who have a penchant for itchy feet, why not try a show where you’ll learn something new? Keep your brain firing on all cylinders with these:

  1. Bear Grylls Survival School (ITV Hub) – 6 hours
  2. Dynasties with David Attenborough (BBC iPlayer) – 4.9 hours
  3. 8 Days to the Moon and Back (BBC iPlayer) – 1.5 hours
  4. 100 Humans (Netflix) – 4.8 hours
  5. Monty Python’s Almost The Truth (Netflix) – 5.3 hours


Anxiety – We’re living in uncertain times and with all the negative news out there at the moment, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed. They say laughter is the best medicine, so if you’re feeling worried or anxious, then take some time to switch off from the news and give yourself some classic comic relief which is all available on demand:

  1. Citizen Khan (BBC iPlayer) – 1 day (15.9 hours)
  2. I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix) – 2.6 hours
  3. Birds of a Feather (UKTV Play) – 3.5 days (56.9 hours)
  4. Absolutely Fabulous (BBC iPlayer) – 1.25 days (20 hours)
  5. Friday Night Dinner (Netflix) – 7.2 hours


In-Need-Of-Thrill – There’s always one rogue friend in the group who gets excited by the unknown. For that friend, we present a whole range of adrenaline pumping thrillers that will get the heart rate going:

  1. 15 Days (My5) – 3.9 hours
  2. The Stranger (Netflix) – 6 hours
  3. Agatha Christie’s Marple (ITV Hub) – 6 hours
  4. The Oath (My5) – 1.1 days (18 hours)
  5. Orphan Black (Netflix) – 2.2 days (35.5 hours)


Denial – The current state of affairs can be tough to bear, and some people just need a few hours of solace to escape reality. Head into an alternate universe with these:

  1. The Witcher (Netflix) – 1 day (15.8 hours)
  2. Life on Mars (BBC iPlayer) – 1 day (15.5 hours)
  3. The Good Place (Netflix) – 1.2 days (19.6 hours)
  4. Once Upon A Time (Netflix) – 6.9 days (111.8 hours)
  5. Merlin (BBC iPlayer) – 2.9 days (47.1 hours)


Romantic – It had to be said – with all this spare time on our hands, there are surely some couples spicing it up on the romance front, right? To get into the mood, we’d recommend these:

  1. Sex Education (Netflix) – 13.5 hours
  2. Lust Stories (Netflix) – 3 hours
  3. Dating Around (Netflix) – 2.6 hours
  4. Fleabag (BBC iPlayer) – 5.1 hours
  5. Love Is Blind (Netflix) – 10.3 hours



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