Image credit: Republic Records/UMG Recordings/OVO

When it comes to releasing projects just when we need them Drake is the ultimate hero. After the epic viral release of “Toosie Slide”, Drake took it to a whole different level and decided to give us all what we’ve been craving; a mixtape of 14 glorious songs; some recent Soundcloud gems and some sneaky new tracks to tease the album coming in this summer. Welcome to the “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” party!

Even though we’re all doing our part by staying indoors, there’s nothing stopping us from having a good old fashioned Drake party; call up some friends, play it loud and sing it proud. Just in case you haven’t managed to listen to it yet, we decided to give a little outline on our favourite tracks to get you through the rest of this weekend and into a new week with something to look forward to!

We found that the theme of social distancing was pretty heavy throughout this project; from the artwork to the songs. Our top covid-19 inspired track on this tape is “Time Flies”. We have zero idea on when this was written or even if there was any inkling of a global Pandemic in the air at the time, but we do think that some of the lyrics ring a bit too close to home for us to not interpret it in an ‘I can’t see my bae due to social distancing’ way…

Within this song, Drake describes his relationship with a special someone and how even though he’s cooped up in the house at the moment and meant to be focusing on doing his own thing, he still thinks about her and as soon as he gets the OK to leave he’ll be waiting right outside her door (sounds pretty social distance-ish to us)! If there’s one thing that Drizzy is great at it’s letting us understand a dudes point of view on relationships, and this song does just that. He talks about how he would prefer to not have any feelings right now but he can’t deny that he misses her, but also acknowledges why things didn’t work out as they both had different priorities. Real feels plus social distancing relationship issues we can all relate to as well as great production? Definitely a must-listen.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past few months you would have heard of “Chicago Freestyle”, “When To Say When” and “Desires” already from the OVO Soundcloud leaks, but a new classic track is giving us all the feels. Don’t get us wrong, you have some amazing slow jams on the tape that are just as smooth, like “Losses” – but something hits different when you have Chris Brown doing adlibs in the background. “Not You Too” has to be the ultimate trust issues re-up we’ve heard in a while, it’s full of pure unfiltered honesty about a personal relationship which we will probably never find out about but will speculate until we do. We’ve all been in that situation when we put our trust in the wrong person and get too close to the ones that aren’t that good for you. If you’re currently in that space where you’ve given someone a little bit too much of your time and it’s starting to become one-sided this is the track for you. Be prepared, it may stir up some old feelings that you thought you left behind, keep your phone on lock whilst listening…

Overall, this mixtape is a fantastic preview for what’s to come later this year with his sixth studio album and knowing Drake, we can expect a lot more heartaches anthems and tracks to twerk and spend our money to. Whilst we’re all on lockdown for our health services across the globe, why not grab a glass of your best quarantine wine and hear what Dark Lane Demo Tapes has to offer.