Lilly Sabri Launches New Self-Isolation Guide to Help Lockdown Fitness Woes

Optimum Nutrition ambassador Lilly Sabri has announced the creation of her new self-isolation guide, Self-Isolation Guide Volume 2.

The announcement comes after the former Chelsea Football Club physiotherapist turned fitness influencer became the first female to produce live daily workouts and her previous 14 day guide reached 6 million views on Youtube – with 163,000 people interacting on the first day alone.

With the UK reaching its third week of lockdown and many other places around the world having endured more, the need to keep the body and spirit healthy is at its highest. To counter the bad eating habits and potential sofa surfing that could begin to become the norm, Sabri’s second Self Isolation Guide aims to ensure that the fitness community don’t miss out on workouts while self-isolating

The guide, developed with the support of Optimum Nutrition, will have a focus on full body fat loss and includes 14 new follow along workouts on Youtube, a daily live workout on the video platform and a Facebook support group.

Sabri also offers recipes and healthy snacking options to ensure that bad eating habits don’t start developing while the majority of the nation are at home. Lockdown has seen supermarkets feel the stretch of increased demand, and so many of the recipes offered use long lasting pantry ingredients to ensure that they are easier to implement than more common options.

There will also be a section on the importance of rest and recovery in collaboration with Optimum Nutrition to ensure that injuries and strains do not increase while working out at home.

Speaking about the benefits of her course, Sabri said:“There are so many free online home workouts at the moment, it’s great but it can make it difficult to build a structure. This guide gives you a plan from a physiotherapist, with structure including daily live full-length home workouts, healthy recipes and snacks, physiotherapy, nutrition and mindset advice. There’s also a community of thousands of people all in the same position as each other, getting fit and healthy from home.”


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