Leveller Media Launches its Investing Platform and Entertainment Studio

Leveller Media Launches its Blockchain-powered Investing Platform and Entertainment Studio

Emerging from three years of stealth operations, Leveller Media is a collaboration between creators and entertainment industry participants seeking to demonopolize the entertainment industry.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that I always love finding new ways to support those who want to work in the entertainment industry. It is a big passion of mine and that’s why I chose to pursue a degree in Film and TV. I know from experience how hard it can be, so being able to share a new platform that will help support others is always something I will do. Hopefully, you can see how useful Leveller Media can be through this article.

Leveller Media recently announced the launch of its digital investing platform for the entertainment industry. It facilitates storytelling from an increasingly diverse group of creators through everyday investors around the globe. Leveller matches creators with suitable investors, enabling smaller projects to receive the funding they need. Leveller intends to set no minimum investment threshold, and investors are given the opportunity to be rewarded both financially and with credits. Leveller will partner with distributors, studios, networks, streaming services, and social platforms to identify distribution routes for projects. To accelerate adoption and awareness of the Leveller platform, Leveller Media will incentivize early creators and help to fund initial projects.

Just that part alone sounds exciting to me. It opens up a whole new window of potential for future creators.

As you might know, entertainment is dominated by a small number of companies that earn the lion’s share of profits through a few dozen blockbuster products. Niche but commercially viable productions languish in development. In the film industry, just 4% of the 900 top-grossing projects between 1996 and 2016 were directed by women. Leveller removes the barriers that have kept underrepresented groups out of the spotlight.  With Leveller, anyone in entertainment can share their vision and receive the funding it merits.

Eric Vonfeldt, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, said, “The entertainment industry is not living up to its full potential. Gifted creators are being neglected and consumers are being denied compelling content. Leveller Media will change this, aligning incentives between creators and investors, ultimately returning diversity to storytelling by enabling consumers to invest in and consume productions they believe in. We welcome creators to partner with us and advisors who would like to help us shape the Leveller community.”

Leveller will allow creators to upload project details, which will then be processed by a suite of artificial intelligence tools to match the projects with interested investors based on their preferences and investment strategies. Recording all transactions involved in investment and payout for these productions on a blockchain enables greater transparency, in addition to lower costs, high-speed reconciliation, and increased security for all stakeholders.

Marty Katz, Leveller Media advisor, Independent Producer and former EVP of Walt Disney Studios, said: “In my many years working in the entertainment industry as a studio executive and independent filmmaker, there is little doubt in my mind that a platform like Leveller is much-needed. It allows artists to create freely through new ways of blockchain and cryptocurrency financing providing the opportunity to make socially relevant and more diverse projects that fall outside of mainstream Hollywood.”

Investments in the Leveller platform will be memorialized in encrypted Ethereum smart contracts, meaning payouts from the investment pool to the creators will be incremental and based on the assessments of third-party auditors and Leveller’s escrow agent, Paxos. The third-party auditors will screen all projects; the auditing process will be part of a system of checks and balances. Funds raised will be held in escrow and released in phases based on milestones completed and tied to the project’s budget and shooting schedule outlined in the terms and conditions set by the creator.

I can’t wait to see the progress and projects that are created with this brand new platform. Be sure to share the word if you know of anyone who this could be useful too. I will be making sure to share this around with all the creators that I know of. There are many people who deserve the chance to create something wonderful and Leveller Media is here to offer them just that.

Based in Los Angeles, Leveller Media is a globalized entertainment studio and blockchain-powered investing platform. Leveller’s mission is to enable fair and open entertainment financing and production by directly connecting creators, investors, and fans. Leveller envisions a world where all creators are empowered to tell their stories and expect to play a pivotal role in that change. Blockchain service provider Paxos will assist Leveller Media to audit platform projects and investments, and serve as escrow agent for investments.

For more information please visit https://leveller.io/.

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