Leapfrog Harnesses Power of Natural ‘Miracle Molecule’ for Sleep and Immunity

Leapfrog Remedies, the pioneering brand of Lactoferrin supplements in the UK, has captured keen interest of scientists nationwide – and with very good reason. It has harnessed the remarkable properties of this extraordinary natural protein to develop a duo of proven game-changers in the realm of wellbeing – IMMUNE and SNOOZE.

The compelling science behind the hero ingredient, Lactoferrin, speaks for itself. Derived from milk, Mother Nature’s very own powerhouse cocktail, it forms a crucial element of our natural defence system. Despite over 10,000 studies highlighting its exceptional qualities, and scientists lauding it as the ‘Miracle Molecule’, ‘A Gem’ and ‘A God Particle’, it remains astoundingly little-known in the field.

Lactoferrin, a protein synthesized by your body daily, serves as a potent defence against viruses, bacteria, and inflammation. It fortifies our immune system by warding off germs and bolstering the production of white blood cells to combat infections. At times of stress, tiredness, being run-down, not eating well, or simply ageing, our innate lactoferrin may be depleted faster than it’s restored.

IMMUNE acts to defend against coughs, colds and other infections, all year round. Leapfrog IMMUNE is an easy-to-take chewable and highly absorbable citrus flavoured tablet that slots perfectly into a busy lifestyle and is suitable for all the family, including children from the age of 4. The supplement includes premium grade Lactoferrin, Zinc to support growth and function of immune cells, and Vitamin C as an antioxidant and white blood cell stimulant.

Other than priming our immune system, milk as the first food we eat is also designed to encourage calm, contentment, and sleep. French scientists spent ten years developing a method to unlock milk’s calming qualities by breaking down its molecular bonds, leading to the discovery of Lactium. This natural ingredient now produces the same calming effect for older children and adults, reducing cortisol and enhancing the flow of calming neurotransmitter GABA.

SNOOZE is formulated with Lactoferrin, Lactium, and mood-regulating vitamin B6, a dream-enhancer that aids the production of serotonin and dopamine (the happiness hormones), and melatonin (the sleep hormone). It comes in the form of an easy-to-take berry-flavoured chewable tablet, absorbed through the mouth for greater efficacy. While it works in a similar fashion to a sedative, the associated side effects (including drowsiness and addiction) are eliminated. And while prescription medications with sedative effects are designed to be short-term solutions, SNOOZE as the natural solution can be taken as long as it is needed.

Emma Davies, Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, DipNUT, MBANT, CNHC, says:

“Lactoferrin is a truly multifunctional protein and has been dubbed the ‘Swiss army knife of the human host defence system’ by scientists. What I love about lactoferrin is that the body makes it itself – i.e. we produce lactoferrin endogenously in our tears, our breastmilk and saliva – and substances made in the body normally exhibit more than one benefit and are so much more nuanced in their mechanisms than something from outside the body.”

Whether it’s a solution for those with busy lifestyles not wanting to be derailed by bugs and viruses, or a bed-side essential to encourage the most blissfully reviving sleep, Leapfrog and its Miracle Molecule can act as the perfect go-to companion for a seamless, happy, and healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

Leapfrog IMMUNE (from £34.99) and SNOOZE (from £34.99) are both available to purchase online, and at selected retailers including Selfridges and Revital Health Stores. You can read more about the brand, its products, and its incredible founder Stephanie Drax and her team right here.

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