Lauv Brings The Love

Besides being a streaming social media musical king, Lauv is coming for our hearts this year. We’ve loved him since 2015 and we still do – that’s a strong connection. But we just have to ask: what is it about Lauv that makes us love him so?

The San Francisco-born musical hero that is Lauv has spent his whole life loving music and always had a powerful connection with writing love songs. We’re all a sucker for a great heartfelt tune and it seems to just come naturally to Lauv. After studying at NYU and being in a series of bands, Lauv wanted to put his talents to the tests and play on our heart strings.

In 2015 he released a song that is still on our office playlists to this day – ”The Other”, which made the Spotify Global Top 100, took the internet by storm and we gladly went along with it. After co-writing and co-producing for many incredible artists including Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato, its no surprise that Lauv was destined for success.

He’s due to go on his first world wide tour this year after supporting Ed Sheeran towards the end of last year. We’re sure that big things are due for him this year and we are first in line for all of it. Let’s all enjoy a recap of his latest tune romantically titled ”Paris in the Rain” and fall in love with him all over again.

Feature image from Lauv’s Instagram