Laura Whitmore Shares LFW Secrets

Laura Whitmore is one of London’s most popular FROW celebrities, so of course she holds all the secrets for preparing for the biggest event of the year – London Fashion Week. Laura and Virgin Active have revealed the top tips to survive the gruelling week, whilst remaining as chic as ever. Mental prep is just as important as physical prep, so as the fashion pack take off their massive sunnies and perch on their catwalk-side benches, we can get an insight into how to become as effortlessly-stylish as the A-listers themselves.

Balance is essential

“You’ll be living in heels, so working on posture, strength and most especially balance is crucial. Try Virgin Active’s new Barre powered by bootybarre class – it’s a mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga that quickly tones and strengthen your muscles so you can wear your new Pradas from dawn till dusk.”

Be speedy 

“You need to move FAST at fashion week, a schedule clash can leave you with minutes to get between shows and you need to get skilled at speedy outfit changes in the taxi. Running is my favourite way to exercise and I use sprints to improve my speed. I love it because I can do it pretty much anywhere and in my own time too.”

Release the anger 

“If you’re attending lots of shows then you’re going to need stamina if you still want to be smiling at the end. Give Boxing a go, not only will it get out any frustrations you have but you’ll be fighting fit in no time!”

Perfect those pins 

“Tights are a no-no on the front row, so toned legs are a must.  Try some Yoga, it’s as good for your mind as well as your body and the perfect way to psyche yourself up for the craziness that is Fashion Week.”

Liberate your inner superstar 

“Finally, you’ve got to have fun. It is London Fashion Week after all! I get in the mood before heading out to a show by embracing my inner Beyoncé by heading to a dance class with my girlfriends. Pick up your glow sticks and jump around to come club classics in Virgin Active’s Pulse powered by clubbercise class, you’ll have fun I guarantee it!”

For anyone who wants to get Fashion Week-ready, Virgin Active personal trainer Emily Cole has worked with Laura Whitmore to devise the ultimate workout

STAMINA: Stamina is key for surviving London Fashion Week. Up your game in the weeks before show time with some interval training on the treadmill. Aim for 200 metres fast run followed by 200m steady recovery, repeating five times. Follow it with a steady run for an additional two minutes. Keep repeating this pattern until you’ve built up to 20-30 minutes in total.

STRENGTH: Strengthening your legs and core will make all the difference when spending long days in unforgiving high heels. The Power Plate will work miracles for you so practice circuits that incorporate different planks, squats and twists, making sure to do 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest at 30Hz, low amplitude. Have 60 seconds rest between each circuit and then repeat 3 times.

TONE: Get supermodel arms that are tight and toned with some fat burning and muscle building weight training. Repeat a circuit of 12 upright rows, lateral raises, front raises, shoulder presses and bicep curls, followed by 8 single arm tricep presses on each arm. Repeat the circuit 3 times with 60 seconds rest in between. Choose a dumbbell weight that you can lift fairly comfortably for the first 8-10 and the last 2-4 a struggle).

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