Lana Del Rey’s unreleased track goes viral in sped up trend

A recent trend circulating through the TikTok community is giving a new sound to a previously unreleased track from the iconic, Lana Del Rey.

Say Yes To Heaven‘ has been a fan favorite since its initial leak in 2012. In a surprise comeback, a sped-up version of the song has been trending on TikTok over the last couple of weeks, leaving Lana Del Rey responding to the trend by releasing the version of the song last week. The song has made waves in the TikTok community, with over 1 million videos posted of people using the song for their videos.  Fans typically use the song as a way to share Lana Del Rey fan theories, and their love for the version, or use ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ as background music for makeup tutorials.

Lana is a beloved artist, especially on TikTok, with fans connecting all over the world to share their love and support for the artist. The #LanaDelRey has accumulated 26.6 billion views on the app with creators using the hashtag to express their love for the artists and songs within the fan base. ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ is the latest example of ‘sped-up’ and ‘slowed-down versions of a song which has been a trend on the app for a while, with some examples including Miguel’s ‘Sure Thing’, Ghost’s  ‘Mary on A Cross‘, Seafret’s ‘Atlantis’ (Ultra Sped Up)and RAYE’s ‘Escapism

The sped-up version to ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ reflects the recent obsession with the fans changing the tempo of their beloved songs and artists listening to fans’ creative endeavors.

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