Lana Del Rey Bites the Bullet in her New ‘High by the Beach’ Video

Lana Del Rey is the queen of all things wild and wonderful, but I’m guessing you already knew that. Her new video, “High by the Beach” has just landed and it is exceptionally breath-taking. Literally.

The video begins with the star floating around a three-story beachfront home in an angelic trance whilst trying not to take notice of the photographer lingering in a helicopter outside. We then witness her grabbing a guitar case after prancing down a flight of stairs which lead to the seafront, only this case doesn’t have a guitar inside it.

Let’s just say that Lana Del Rey is a woman who likes to show her guns and after seeing her blow up a helicopter with a military style gun, it is safe to say that she likes playing with fire. Oh, and she likes to get high by the beach. Did we forget to mention that part?

If there’s one positive thing we can say about this video, it’s that Lana likes to kick start her new music with a bang. “High by the Beach” is just one of many new songs set to debut from her new album entitled, “Honeymoon” which is set to be released this September. Reading about it is one thing, but seeing it is another.

Watch Lana’s video for “High by the Beach” here:

“High by the Beach” is now available to purchase on iTunes.


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