In 2015 I travelled to the Seychelles, in celebration of my 10th wedding anniversary. I had always been really excited to visit the island after seeing pictures of the huge, granite rocks on the brilliant white, sandy beaches.

I was intrigued about their formation and how they appeared on this remote island, of pure tranquil and beauty. The famous boulders, add something unique to this landscape/seascape, as the lush blue waters of the Indian Ocean lap against their undulatung exterior.

It wasn’t unitl we arrived that I realised the main boulders were not on Mahe but on La Digue, a remote little island, 2 hours away. Needless to say, my top priority after check-in was booking our day trip to La Digue, to explore all it had to offer.

Our trip was planned by staff at the Constance Ephelia Resort and included transfers to and from the port of Mahe. If I remember right, it cost around 150 euros for us both. However, you can probably find offers online if you want to try and save money. I wouldn’t recommend getting the ‘island hopper’ ticket, as the day is already limited, and your time would be best spent exploring one island, over trying to see a bit of both.

We deaprted Mahe at 7:30am and the ferry across took 1.5 hrs. It was lovely to see the sunrise, but beware, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to take motion sickeness tablets beforehand. The trip across is very bumpy and quite fast too. Against our better judgement, we opted to sit at the side of the boat, meaning we were constantly splashed by the huge waves hitting the bow of the boat. It gave me the giggles the whole way there ?

After a ‘whistle-stop’ at Praslin, we arrived at La Digue. We hired some bicycles to get around the island and set off with our map in hand.

Even though its such a small island, it was easy to get around on our bike’s in a few hours (with stops for pics, of course ☺️). As you’d imagine, there are hardly any cars and cyclists seem to have more rights of way

Once we finally arrived at the beach, I was swept away. The rocks are much larger than I expected and were completely awe inspring. My sarong was whipped off, and I began a mini photo-shoot in my Triangl swimsuit. Unfortunately, it had rained the night before, so the water wasn’t as calm or clear as normal but I think the pics came out pretty good ?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. I guess there are a limited amount of guests each day, because of the limited ferry transfers and scheduled visits. While exploring every crevis of La Digue, we found a quaint little area with A Frame Chalets, which I made Quincy promise to bring me back to. It actually turned out to be part of a much larger resort called La Digue Island Lodge

After relaxing on the lush beaches, taking in the warm sea breeze and cycling around this idyllic island, we stoppped in the centre to grab some food. The local cuisine is tasty and very reasonably priced. We had meat patties and plantain.

At around 4:30pm, we boarded our boat for the voyage back to Mahe, having had the most amazing 7 hours on the tiniest little speck in the ocean.

If you ever visit the Seychelles, this should be at the TOP of your to-do-list.

Love Ama xo

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