Contemporary artist & poet Kojey Radical cements his position as a voice of a young generation with the release of the highly anticipated 23Winters, a raw, heartfelt journey in to the dishevelled but courageous mind of a young Kojey seeking guidance and wisdom from his father.

Premiered by The Source, 23Winters dances in and out of topics ranging from Love, family, African diaspora, new age revolution, religion and society with a humbling sense of honesty and a unique sense of lyricism.

The project is narrated by Kojey’s father who serves as one of very few features as they engage in a candid open conversation. Offering personal life experiences that juxtapose Kojey’s father decision to come to England

“I wanted a create a body of work that voices my ideas and philosophies while also offering another sense of perspective. My fathers decision to live in England has ultimately shaped my view on life because it’s all I know, listening to him speak you get a sense that our experiences may not be that different.”

Kojey is much more than just the average poet, he is an artist using lyricism as a medium. Unafraid and brazen, the poignant thought provoking prose skips in and out of pockets creating poetry that could rival rap. Kojey bounces in and out of tempos, instrumentation and genres with a confident sense of versatility. Even going as far to lend his talents to singing.

23Winters is bought to life by impressive roster of rising British & European producers – KZ The Producer, Fwdslxsh, Lupus Cain, Selvsse, Niels Kirk & New Machine all lend a hand in creating this cinematic sound bed. As well as his father, Kojey enlists the help of Tom Grenan, Ray Blk & Bobii Lewis & frequent collaborator Zulu.

Listen to the EP here:

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