KitSound Christmas: The Go-To Gifts For Music Lovers

As you should already know, here at Verge, we’re big on music. It’s rare you’ll find any of us without a pair of headphones, or some kind of music playing device in tow. We regard ourselves as connoisseurs of headphones and speakers, and when we find some great products at amazing prices, we think it would be rude not to share it with you.

The below products are perfect as a Christmas gift for any music lover (or just treat yourself, we won’t tell..)

Slammers Bluetooth Headphones

Perfect for those constantly on the go, these headphones allow you to listen to your music wirelessly with a range of up to 10 metres. You’re also safe to put your device on shuffle, as you can use the on-ear track controls to skip, pause music, play music, or adjust the volume.

The headphones are also super soft with a padded headband and padded earcups, making the Slammers ideal for travel and long-wear use. The swivel earcups make these headphones easy to store and pack, as they are able to lay flatter.

The Slammers also look incredibly sleek and stylish, offered in three different colours: red, blue and black.

RRP for the Slammers Bluetooth Headphones: £29.99



DJ 2 Wired Headphones

For those who are serious about sound, these amazing headphones offer incredible audio quality for all different genres. The DJ 2 Headphones are designed for DJs, delivering incredible base with swivel earcups, and an extra long cable with 3.4mm plug. KitSound have even added a screw-on 6.3mm plug adaptor for amps and mixing decks; providing everything a DJ needs.

Although these headphones have a hard-wearing exterior, they’re super comfortable – you can easily wear these all day and all night in total comfort..

RRP for the DJ 2 Wired Headphones: £24.99




BoomCube Bluetooth Speaker

This stylish and incredibly portable speaker boasts a Passive Radiator to really boost the bass, giving you deeper, fuller audio along with soaring highs and balanced mids.

Although this speaker is extremely compact, it is very well made and sturdy, so you can carry it in your bag without worry. It also provides up to 6 hours of play time, and is perfect for gatherings with your friends, or to pop in your luggage for your next getaway.

This small speaker also looks impressive, offered in  black, grey and rose gold.

RRP for BoomCube Bluetooth Speaker: £19.99