KISS ‘Looks So Natural’ Lashes

Everyone wants thick, voluminous lashes. But finding fake eyelashes that don’t look, well, fake, can seem impossible.

Luckily, KISS is here to help. Coming in various different styles, KISS ‘Looks So Natural’ Lashes actually look, well, natural.

Some lashes are heavy—but not KISS. 97% of KISS users agree that the lashes’ tapered edge gives your eyes a light feel. Not only that, but Looks So Natural Lashes can be applied in just 30 seconds.

Whether you’re shy and looking for something subtle, or flirty and looking for something that will make your eyes pop, KISS has the perfect eyelashes for you.

One style is Vamp, which gives you thicker and longer lashes. For those who want gorgeous lashes without too much effort, KISS provides the Pretty style. There is also a style called Hot for the adventurous, one called Shy for those preferring more subtle lashes, Sultry, Iconic, etc. The list goes on, providing a perfect look for each and every girl.

One would think that lashes these natural would be very expensive, but you can buy KISS lashes for just £4.49 at Boots and get your perfect lashes before summer ends.

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