Keep Cool With Ben & Jerry’s This Summer

Stop what you’re doing, four days into the year and life is getting a creamy whipped topping as Ben & Jerry’s introduce their NEW Sundaes range.

Sundaes are four tubs of the ice cream innovators’ chunkiest and swirliest flavours EVER, but the star of the show is the never-before-seen whipped ice cream topping, finished with gooey sauce and chocolatey chunks.

For this flavour family, Vermont based Ben & Jerry’s were inspired by an American classic dessert – the ice cream sundae and wanted to bring this jam-packed flavour adventure to a tub – or four!

The four deliciously decadent Sundae flavours, including one vegan, are:

  • Cookie Vermont-ster:  Sweet cream ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolatey cookie swirls. Follow the chocolatey cookie swirls to cookie sundae nirvana
  • Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate: No ifs, ands, or buts about it, this flavour is all about the nuts! Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream with brownie pieces & sea salt chocolatey swirls.
  • Oh My! Banoffee Pie!:  Satisfying your sweet tooth is easy as pie with creamy banana ice cream, chocolatey caramel cups & cookie swirls.
  • Non-Dairy Berry Revolutionary: When it comes to very berry sundaes, this one has it all — except the dairy! Raspberry Non-Dairy ice cream with sandwich cookies & chocolatey cookie swirls.

Like all Ben & Jerry’s tubs, Sundaes are Fairtrade certified and jam packed full of the values led ingredients fans know and love like free grazed dairy and brownies from social enterprise Greyston bakery.

Priscille Moussy, Flavour Guru at Ben & Jerry’s said – “You might think you know a sundae… But are you ready for a sundae the Ben & Jerry’s way?! Inspired by the American classic, we wanted to show dessert devotees you do not have to go out to go all out. Sundaes are ice cream plus so much more (we left out the kitchen sink, you’re welcome!). We think you’re going to need a bigger spoon to dig deep into these layers!”

Ben & Jerry’s Sundae range are available in freezers everywhere now, with an RRP of £5.49.

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