Kanye West to Headline Glastonbury 2015

Well, it looks like Glastonbury is about to get even more exciting. It has just been announced that the one and only Kanye West will be headlining the Saturday show at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The hip-hop megastar is joining the rock legends the Foo Fighters, who will be headlining Friday night.


Rumors have been circling around the web for some time claiming that West was going to be the headlining the Saturday show, but it was not until last night when the official websites of both Glastonbury and West confirmed that the rumors were true. Fans are now waiting to see who will be headlining the final night of the show, though in true Glastonbury fashion, everyone is being quite hush-hush about it until officials are ready to release more information.


Fans heading to the festival have had amazing reactions to the announcement so far. Not only are they looking forward to watching Kanye perform, but the notorious rapper always makes a splash when he plays a show. The self-proclaimed genius never seems to disappoint, so it looks like the public will need to wait and see what he brings to Glastonbury.

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