Justin Bieber Steals our Hearts with His New Single ‘Sorry’


Okay, so Justin Bieber has just dropped his new single, ‘Sorry’ and we’ll admit, it’s ‘pretty dope’ as they say in the Twittersphere.

The Bieber gods have finally heard our prayers and it seems that the 21 year-old isn’t taking a back seat just yet. Bieber’s latest single, ‘Sorry’ has been taken from his upcoming album, ‘Purpose’ and we’ll tell you now, it’s a killer. If you thought ‘What Do U Mean’ and ‘Where Are U Now’ were enough to make you shake a leg, think again.

The Biebs even released a dance video to the track showing a group of brightly attired and not to mention attractive females shaking their stuff to the singer’s track. As much as we’d like to learn the moves, we think its best if we leave the professionals to it.

Bieber’s upcoming album, ‘Purpose’ has been scheduled for release on November 13th and we’d be lying if we told you that we weren’t counting down the days. ‘Sorry’ is a collaboration between Skrillex, Blood and the Biebs himself – a bit of a trio if you ask us but the more the merrier! The star’s previous singles this year have completely blown our minds, so it’s natural for the rest of his songs to do the same. We feel a bit of fangirling coming on!

In the meantime, ‘Sorry’ will be on replay for a very long time. Well, until November 13th anyway. Check out the video below.

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