Jump into the future with the Apple Watch

Loyal Apple fans began tossing out their IPhones and MacBooks as the new wave tech empire announced their newest product. The 24th March 2015 will mark the official release of the Apple Watch, the latest way to keep track of time, fitness, friends, and so much more.


It is no secret that Apple has been working on this project for quite some time, but it was a waiting game to see when the watches would actually be released. What makes it so different from all other apple products is how personal each person can make their own. Setting design aside for just a moment, the Apple Watch learns and adapts to its specific user, making it easily the most sophisticated piece of equipment Apple has released.

Resembling a James Bond gadget, the adorable watches come in three separate designs; the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. Each variation offers a variety of different functions, offering the largest range of functionality, not matter what type of Apple user you are.


The original Apple Watch is perfect for the average user looking to stay in touch with their friends and family in the most personal ways possible. Not only can you send text messages and phone calls, but users can also send personal sketches to describe your mood, individual vibrations to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them, or even your heartbeat, so that no matter where you are, your friends and family exactly how you feel about them.

Apple Watch Original

If you are a fitness junky looking to keep in shape, the Apple Watch Sport has everything you need to perfect your fitness. Clearly displayed on the face of the watch are three rings; one that shows how many active calories you have burned each day, one that shows how much active exercise you have engaged in each day, and one that shows how much you have refrained from sitting all day. The goal is to complete each ring before the day is out, and the gentle vibrations from the watch will remind you to keep active every day.

Apple Watch Sport

For those who have a little more money to spend ( by a little, I mean a small fortune to burn through), there is the Apple Watch Edition. Encased in either yellow or rose 18-carat gold designed to be twice as hard as normal gold, the Edition features a display protected by polished sapphire crystal, the hardest crystal substance behind diamonds, leading to a beautifully polished, elegant look.

Apple Watch Edition

The greatest feature of the Apple Watches is the wide range of strap designs and colors, only adding to the versatility to the products. With such diverse designs and options, it is going to be great to see how the world reacts to the Apple Watch and how popular the latest trend is going to become.