Johnny Depp Becomes the New Face of Dior

Dior have already had heads turning over the last few weeks after announcing that Rihanna will be their new spokesperson for their brand and not to mention the first black female to campaign for Dior. The internet buzzed with anticipation whilst many of us drooled over the sultry and refined pictures of the singer. Literally.

Although gazing upon Rihanna is beyond aesthetically pleasing, we’d just like to take a moment to appreciate Johnny Depp’s new role as the face for Dior’s new fragrance, ‘Sauvage’ – the first men’s fragrance to be added to their collection in over a whirl winding ten years. It’s been a while, we know.


Depp is very hands on when it comes to modelling and is more experienced than you think as he has previously featured on top of the market brands such as Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair over the years and it’s about time Dior noticed him too! By now, it is far from obvious that Mr Depp is a man of many talents (even if he prompts us to drool over our TV screens now and again).

To celebrate the launch of their new fragrance, Dior released a rather dramatic and appealing commercial featuring the star driving into the middle of the desert before burying his jewellery in the middle of nowhere. How mysterious. The commercial which happens to last just under three minutes “tells the story of freedom and emotion, a man and his instincts” as a press report explains.

As they say in the ‘Twittersphere’, Dior are more or less ‘killing it’ with their new take on all things sweet smelling and erotic, but who’s complaining? We do love a bit of Johnny Depp now and again.

Check out Dior’s new commercial for ‘Sauvage’ starring Depp himself below. Deep breaths, people. Deep breaths.

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