Jimmy Bullard Strips for Shirt Amnesty

Don’t you hate when your favorite football player leaves the team? Now you’re stuck with a useless jersey and your season is ruined.


Fear not, fallen supporters, Carling has launched a nationwide Shirt Amnesty so you can trade your old player’s jersey for a new one. If that isn’t enough to sell you, check out England football star Jimmy Bullard’s promotional photo for the project:


Seems a bit randomly scarring doesn’t it? But any of our fellow moviephiles will recognize this pose from the 1999 cult-classic film American Beauty:


Perhaps the roses were a better choice than jerseys, but as far as adverts go Bullard’s failed attempt at seduction gives us a good chuckle.

Back to business, the shirt swap will hit the road on the 1st of July. A van will be stopping from city to city to let local fans exchange their jerseys for free – right from the back of the van.

The Shirt Amnesty is just one leg of the promotional plan to help fans gear up for the upcoming season. Fans across the country can stay up-to-date on future events and cities of swapping by following @Carling on Twitter.

Bullard commented on the campaign:

“Get on this people! Carling’s Shirt Amnesty is the chance for fans to swap a shirt of a player who has now left your club for one of the new heroes your club has hopefully replaced him with. I was in the game long enough to know what it’s like for fans to have players jog on unexpectedly so anything that gives back to those fans is a winner in my eyes.”

We can’t say if the touring van will contain a nude Jimmy Bullard, but we won’t complain if it doesn’t.



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