Jealous of your friend’s new dress? Chances are they’ll be selling it soon!


  • Over a quarter (28%) of British women will resell a fashion item within 6 months of purchase
  • Almost one in four consumers fund new purchases by selling old clothes on auction sites

More than half (55%) of British women resell their unwanted clothes using online auction services like eBay and Depop, with a quarter (28%) of items being listed less than six months after purchase.

Based on a survey of over 2,000 female shoppers by CollectPlus, the UK’s largest independent store-based delivery and returns service, the research revealed that consumers are revelling in the age of agile apparel.

With nearly one in four (23%) of those surveyed turning to online auction sites every month to fund new purchases, the rise of the savvy shopper seems to be in full flow; likely to have been boosted by shoppers buying multiple sizes to ensure they find the right fit.

The average prices British women said they would be prepared to pay for popular fashion items listed in ‘near new condition’ at online auction sites are:

Item High-street brand (e.g. Topshop, ASOS, Zara)
Jeans £12.92
T-shirt £7.85
Dress £15.35
Handbag £16.24
Shirt £10.42
Summer Jacket £14.84
Winter Coat £24.17
Skirt £10.87
Playsuit £7.65
Dungarees £8.45
Jumper £10.16
Sweatshirt £9.20
Sportswear £16.57

In addition, the research also revealed the areas that sellers should focus on when advertising their unwanted clothing on virtual auction platforms. Over a quarter (26%) of respondents stated that good quality photos were the single most important feature in a listing, followed by the starting price (19%), description (18%), postage costs (16%) and the seller’s feedback score (14%). founder and online seller, Lizzy Hadfield, told us why selling on virtual auction sites works for her:

Fashion is so important to me because it allows me to feel confident and is a huge part of my identity. I can take on so much more when I love my outfit! As selling online is so quick and easy – and I can use my social following to engage interest in what I am selling – I’m trying to get into a routine of listing things whenever I have 10 or more items I want to sell. Coats, shoes, and knitwear all sell well at his time of year, however denim is a good all year round one, also hard-to-find designer pieces will always do well.

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus said:

Our research shows how following high street trends is key to improving the resale value of your clothing – meaning you’ll have more money in your pocket to refresh your wardrobe when the new season collections arrive. Thankfully, staying on-trend throughout the year is becoming easier than ever. As long as you get your timings and tactics right, you can make the most out of your unwanted items in order to treat yourself to this season’s hottest new look.

To make sure you have the funds to purchase this season’s hottest trends, see our full guide on how to maximise the profits on your unwanted clothing on the CollectPlus site

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