Jax Jones Live @ KOKO

Q: Tell us a little bit about what is going on here today?

A: I am here at KOKO in Camden on behalf of Coca-Cola. Their whole thing is celebrating success, so if you achieve anything – from finishing an essay, finishing a five-mile run, doing a world tour, whatever it is, we’ll celebrate, this one’s for you and part of that is some treats, right? And I’m providing the treat this evening – that’s what I’m doing.

Q: Sounds brilliant! So, how did your career start out for you? How did you get into music?

A: Oh wow. I got into music against the advice of my parents. They wanted me to be a doctor or a financial banker dude and I just went to do my own thing. So, whilst I was at uni I just started grinding out and going to the studio and just went from there and worked really hard, and here I am now!

Q: Here you are. What is the best piece of advice you could give?

A: I would say try to find your own sound, once you find it, own it. Find your own style to DJ and once you find that, own it and really just try to think about being as fresh as possible and playing the freshest music, so people just want to come and see you time and time again.

Q: So you had a big hit with Demi Lovato and Instruction, what’s next?

A: More new music, I’ve got an album dropping next early next year, and then I have another track that’s going to bring me back to clubs –  and then I’ve got a big pop tune with someone who I’m going to keep a secret for now but it’s coming very soon. She’s ginger, and she’s not a bloke. That’s a good one, that’s a good one! Lol

Q: Many would love to be in your shoes, but what’s the hardest part of the job?

A: Being away from home so much. I just got married so being away from my wife,  you just want to be together all the time, and as your responsibilities grow, being away is tougher but it’s all good fun. That’s it really, I don’t really find anything else rubbish. It’s a bit of pressure, it’s all good, its nothing.

Q: What are your career highlights to date, tell us the best moment?

A: Getting nominated for a Grammy cos it was kind of like the first high-profile theme that had ever recognized me and I was like; alright cool, I know I can kind of do this long-term now. If I can’t continue, then I’m a bit of a doughnut to be honest with you.

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