ITV Presents a Night Out for Guide Dogs Charity


On Tuesday,  Guide Dogs held an event for the screening of the documentary Me and My Guide Dog, which followed the lives of 10 newborn puppies as they became guide dogs.

The UK Guide Dogs Charity offers a variety of services for people in need, including children and young people’s services, guide dogs, and buddy dogs. The organisation realizes how important guide dogs are to the community, and were able to showcase that importance at last night’s event and screening.

As the evening began, guests mingled amongst the company of both experienced and new guide dogs.

Prior to the screening, guests were able to chat with the stars of the screen, both two and four legged. The pups were loving the spotlight as they posed for snapshots with the lovestruck guests.


Guests were also given the opportunity to take part in an interactive experience that simulated what it’s like to be visually impaired. After being blindfolded and equipped with special headphones, guests were put in a situation many of us may perceive to be trivial and mundane – riding the tube. This seemingly simple task proved to be nearly impossible without being able to see. The newly blind guests faced pushy patrons and rainy weather in this shockingly realistic experience.

Afterwards guests were invited to write down and film their reactions as well experience the simulation from a different perspective by watching other guests come through the simulation.

After the simulations, small talk and puppy photo shoots, the guests were invited to take their seats for the screening. Viewers at the event and at home laughed and cried together as the pups grew up before their eyes. The emotional instalments highlighted the relationships between dog and owner. It was apparent how important the animals were to their owners. One dog named Totem was able to help a Canadian boy suffering with autism laugh and speak for the first time.


After the documentary was finished it was met with claps and barks of approval from the entire audience.

If you want to learn more about guide dogs and how to give to the organisation visit

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