Issey Miyake: The Master of Pleats at Paris Fashion Week

Issey Miyaki has always been a master of pleats. You might think, ‘How many designs can you make from pleats though?’. For the designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae, the answer is infinity. By printing glue onto fabric and stretching it for unique molded pleats, he manages to create edgy outfits with dancing spectrums of color. It is almost fascinating to look at how pleats can enhance the way color works on cloth, as if all the colors are forming waves and lines to fizz your eyes.

My favorite look is the long red coat and maxi dress total look. Two-dimensional circles form very interesting spiral shapes that hang beautifully on the model’s thigh. With the long red coat giving the look extra dramatic touch, the energy from the look is beyond our imagination.

As the name of the collection ‘Beyond’ suggests, the designer wants to take us to travel beyond to unseen and unknown beauty created from a piece of cloth. With the new computer technology that enables this creation of new forms on pleated fabric, the innovation has definitely traveled beyond our expectation.


Collage made by Tania Tse from Frédérique Dumoulin’s pictures

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Photo credit: Frédérique Dumoulin for Issey Miyake


Photo credit: Frédérique Dumoulin for Issey Miyake


Photo credit: Frédérique Dumoulin for Issey Miyake


Photo credit: Tania Tse