Inflammation: Foods to avoid


“Everything is related to inflammation!”Barbara Mendez, R. PhD, M.D. joked in a recent interview. “It can cause skin conditions, allergies, headaches, very painful menstrual periods, chronic diseases… everything!”

But what is inflammation? When we think of inflammation, we tend to think of  ‘getting bigger’ or ‘inflamed.’ Although these are included, that is not all. Inflammation’s effects include heat, pain, redness and swelling.

Inflammation happens when the body is sensitive to a substance that has been consumed. In attempt to fight inflammation, the body sends immune cells to try to kill whatever is causing the reaction. This seems helpful, but if it goes on for too long it can actually be harmful. In fact, when describing what occurs when these cells attack Nicholas Perricone, M.D. said:

The immune system mistakenly attacks normal cells, and the process that ordinarily heals becomes destructive.

It’s fair to say that inflammation is harmful, so how do we get rid of it? It’s simple- it’s all in the food! There are just 9 main foods and ingredients that when avoided, can reduce inflammation. These are as follows: dairy, sugar, agave, frozen yogurt, barley, rye, seitan, peanuts, and seasoning mixes. So what’s the secret? It’s easy. Stop eating those foods!


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