Industries expected to boom in Leeds

It is sometimes tricky for northern UK cities to compete with the likes of London and its tech and finance job havens. However, some areas up the M1 and beyond are flourishing and expecting local industries to boom.

One of those cities is Leeds. With a sizeable graduating student population and companies escaping London for cheaper running costs amidst Brexit uncertainty, there may be more jobs in the city very soon. But these jobs are likely to appear in specific industries rather than across the board.

So, what jobs in Leeds will you find on JobRapido in the near future? Learn about the industries predicted to be supercharged with more vacancies here.


1.  Tech and Blockchain

A new survey conducted by professional social media giant, LinkedIn, found that Blockchain development is going to be the most in-demand hard skill of 2020. Blockchain is already a technology known to rip up the rule book and suggest new radical processes, which are usually safer, efficient and make processes streamlined. With a growing tech sector in Leeds already in progress through multiple funding avenues (see below), expect blockchain professionals to be wanted in Leeds shortly.


2.   Real Estate and Recruitment

What is the consequence of new businesses and professionals arriving in Leeds? Higher demand for office spaces and city apartments. The growth in tech and nutrition, along with other major industries, such as hospitality and finance, will mean a growing demand for property. It will also increase the number of recruitment agencies, which are already in significant numbers in Leeds. It is estimated that 50% of the best recruitment agencies in the UK are already based in Leeds.


3.  CBD and Nutrition

CBD is no longer being viewed as another naughty cousin of illegal Cannabis. The industry is already surging with interest due to the health benefits being connected with CBD products. Although the industry is still in its infancy in the UK – compared to the likes of Canada – we can expect big things to happen soon. Due diligence will be a prerequisite for these businesses, but the opportunities are already there.

CBD business growth will tie in well with a boom in the nutrition trade. More people than before are conscious of what they put into their bodies, opting for the latest Kombucha drinks. Expect more nutrition businesses to sprout up in Leeds soon.


Why Leeds? Even More Reasons

Leeds has been singled out as a destination destined for increased job growth. The rationale of this is no random throw of a dart. Here are the top reasons why industries can expect growth in Leeds:

  • £1 million of funding has been made available for digital business coming to Leeds through Leeds City Region Enterprise
  • The local city council have made quadruple the aforementioned amount available for tech projects recently.
  • Slashing business expenses such as office rental costs
  • Households names have set the trend and already moved to Leeds, including Channel 4, Sky Bet and NHS Digital
  • Startup culture is thriving
  • Excellent social life and city amenities
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