Inca Glasses: The Stylish Way to Beat Digital Eye Strain

In this digital age we can all relate to spending far too much time looking at our screens. After we’re done staring at our laptops and desktops all day, we continue to scroll through social media on our smartphones and tablets, or catch up on our favourite TV shows to relax after a hard day (yes Netflix… I’m still watching). This can wreak havoc on our eyes, and result in dry, itchy and uncomfortable eyes along with painful headaches.

Statistics have shown that 59% of US adults report experiencing digital eye strain, which is unsurprising as some adults are now averaging over 11 hours per day in front of a screen. Realistically, cutting down on screen time can be tough. So if you’re sick of the symptoms of digital eye strain, we’ve found a solution that works: Inca Glasses.

After searching the web for a fashionable pair of computer glasses, Inca were amazed at how difficult it was to find a high-quality pair at an affordable price, so they set out on a mission to create just that. Sam Vinden (CEO & Founder) launched Inca with an inspired and ambitious goal in 2018: to create non-prescription computer glasses that look great, whilst protecting your eyes against the effects of blue light. There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eye care, good looking, good outcome.

We can confirm that Inca have done this really, really well.

The glasses look great. They are sleek and classic, and the frame is universally flattering. They also come in a variety of colours including Black, Tortoise Shell, Granite and Rose (I want all of them). I genuinely consider my Inca glasses a fashion accessory. Aside from this, they are extremely comfortable to wear, and most importantly, they work. As an individual whose job is centred around their computer (I’m also, admittedly, a self-professed Instagram addict) – I have suffered from digital eye strain and headaches for a long time. Since wearing the Inca glasses – my headaches have been far less frequent, and my eyes feel a lot better- even after a long day of hard work/ Instagram stalking.


If you suffer from digital eye strain – we really recommend a pair of these. If you don’t suffer from digital eye strain, I’d still recommend a pair to trick people into thinking you’re cool and sophisticated.

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