imPRESS: The Modern Manicure

You know the feeling—looking down at your perfectly manicured hand, smiling in triumph at your artistic masterpiece… and then realizing you smudged your thumb when you hit it on the edge of the desk.

Now you can hit your thumb against anything you want without having to worry about smudging, chipping, or drying. With imPRESS by Broadway Nails, you can have perfect, long-lasting nails without all the effort. Just peel off the back and press on to the nail.

It’s faster than painting. No more laying on multiple coats, no more waiting hours for nails to dry completely. Grab imPRESS as you’re running out the door and finish in minutes with totally dry, smudge-free nails.

Some people fear that press-on nails are difficult to take off. imPRESS, however, makes removal easy. Simply peel it off! No messy nail polish remover needed.

You can always bring imPRESS with you. Unlike polish, which could potentially spill, imPRESS is compact and secure, so you can safely carry it in your bag.

imPRESS nails are available in short or medium length. Each pack contains 12 sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect size for each nail. There’s also a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

So next time you do your nails, use imPRESS. Go ahead and bang your nails against your desk as soon as you finish—they won’t smudge.

imPRESS is available for purchase at Superdrug from £5.99

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