Recent studies into the relationship between smoking and morbidity have revealed how smoking can take up to 13 years off your life, reducing the average life expectancy to just 65 years of age.

To highlight the dangers of smoking and the significant years it can take off your life, vape brand SnowPlus has illustrated the importance of these 13 years through a list of incredible accomplishments made by people at the age of 65 or over.

The world would never know KFC if  Colonel Sanders did not reach 65, the age that he started the global food chain, and Captain Tom Moore would never have raised over £30 million for the NHS, if he never reached his 99th year.

There is a whole list of accolades and amazing achievements that society would never have seen if people did not live past the average age of a smoker – 65 years of age:


  1. Sir David Attenborough made the award winning The Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Life, after his 65thBirthday.
  2. The incredible Captain Tom Moore showed age is just a number and raised £32.8m for the NHS at 99
  3. Colonel Sanders started KFC – the fast food institution – at 65. A spicy way to start life in your sixties
  4. Brian Blessed was the oldest man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen at the age of 74
  5. Dame Judi Dench won her first and only Oscar for her eight-minute appearance in Shakespeare In Love at the age of 65
  6. Karl Lagerfeld reached became the head of design at Chanel when he was 82 and brought the now world-famous brand back to life during his time there
  7. Joe Biden has just becoming the USA’s  46th President at 78 years old and will be the oldest President in US election history come the time of his inauguration in January
  8. Sir William Crookes invented the first instruments to study radioactivity when he was 68 – an atomic achievement made in later life
  9. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA is famous for many achievements in early life. However, his greatest one came at 70 when he signed the U.S Declaration of Independence making him the oldest signer of the legendary document
  10. Peter Roget invented the Thesaurus aged 73 without which we would be lost for words


It is sad to think what the world would look like had these people had not made it to 65 – the average life expectancy of a smoker. There are serious health issues caused by the tar and carbon monoxide in combustible cigarettes. The switch from smoking to vaping is a healthier option for those looking to make a fresh start.

If you are a smoker but looking for a fresh start and want to switch to vaping, visit the SnowPlus website for more information on their products and how to switch –