IKEA offers the best type of breakfast: served to you in bed

One of the only things that can make getting out of bed easier in the morning is the thought of getting back into bed later. This concept is made even better by the idea of getting served breakfast while lying in a new, comfortable bed.

This was the idea behind the “Breakfast in Bed Café” Ikea launched in East London. After finding out that half of Brits have never had breakfast in bed, the Swedish company set out to change that by opening a restaurant that operates as a bed & breakfast in the most literal sense.



After arriving to the bright store, we were offered a warm dressing gown and told to get comfortable. It wasn’t difficult to accomplish this, as the room was bright and airy and the staff was extremely helpful and welcoming.

A third of the population said they would benefit from an afternoon nap, and this concept prompted Ikea to open the store. It was easy to fall asleep, with the relaxing music being played in the room, and the servers also offered sleep-inducing tea.

Diners can choose from a pillow menu – selecting a pillow that matches the diners’ needs. We all chose to opt for the soft pillow, and were not disappointed. We were then led to our beds, where we laid three-in-a-row and snuggled under our warm comforter. Once we got over the strangeness of the idea, which was just extremely different from other dine-in breakfasts, the experience was incredible.

Coffee, tea, and orange juice were offered to us, and served quickly. We all opted for Swedish waffles, and the heart-shaped treats were offered with toppings such as fruit, honey, and chocolate. Getting to eat one of my favorite foods in a bed was definitely an experience I am glad to have had.

At IKEA, we believe that the delight of having breakfast in bed shouldn’t just be reserved for those special occasions and should be something that makes everyday wonderful.

– Myriam Ruffo, Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms at IKEA

This is true, as the Breakfast in Bed Café certainly transformed my Tuesday from just another weekday into a memorable event.

To book a stay at the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café, email IKEAbreakfastinbed@hopeandglorypr.com with your preferred time of arrival on the hour, every hour between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. The Café is located in Blackall Studios at 73a Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS. It is only a five minute walk from the Old Street station and 10 minutes from Shoreditch High Street.

Due to popular demand, spaces at the Café are limited, and the staff will email confirmation of your 45-minute time slot. The Breakfast in Bed Café ends tomorrow, so make sure to email as soon as possible to ensure you get to experience the joy of breakfast served to you in bed.