I Love… launches CoppaFeel!’s #SHOWERHIJACK campaign

The bath, body, and beauty brand I Love… has joined the fight against breast cancer.


When was the last time you checked yourself for breast cancer? I Love… and CoppaFeel! want to make checking for lumps second nature for as many women as they can because the scary truth is that five percent of diagnosed cases of breast cancer are already at stage IV.


With their limited edition Perfectly Peachy bath and shower crème, I Love… and CoppaFeel! hope to hijack women’s showers nationwide with information and awareness about breast cancer. The label on the bottle shows signs, symptoms, and ways to test yourself for lumps.

The most obvious place to cop a feel of yourself is in the shower, so add an extra minute to your lathering routine to potentially save your life and arm yourself with knowledge to help others as well.

In addition to teaching women more about breast cancer, this bath crème is also packed with vitamins to keep your skin wonderfully soft and healthy.

To celebrate the launch, the #SHOWERHIJACK campaign was advertised at Piccadilly Circus. It’s time to support the cause, go and get this wonderful bath and shower creme ladies, and remember to CoppaFeel!

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I Love.. Perfectly Peachy is available exclusively from Boots and Boots.com.

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