How to Wake Up Inspired

So, you want to make big changes in your life and career. Firstly, you have to get clear on how you want to spend your days; the best way to do that? Create a morning ritual.

The hardest thing about making change is that we often get stuck in our old habits and routines. Starting your day with intention and a clear purpose will help your mind stay focused on what’s important so you can start to direct your energy to growing in the direction of your dreams.  The best part? It only takes five minutes. Here’s how:


Step 1: Do it first thing in the morning.

For most of us, the first thing we do when we wake up is either check social media or look at our email. Starting our days like this is counterproductive because it puts us in a reactive state. Instead, devote the first few minutes of waking up to your morning ritual to put yourself in a proactive state of mind.


Step 2: Set a timer.

Give yourself at least five minutes to completely immerse yourself into your ritual. Use a timer to give you some peace of mind and set a pleasant alarm sound like chimes rather than something jolting.


Step 3: Let your ritual unfold.

Have a stretch, take a few deeps breaths, do anything that helps you drop into your body, then sit still. Write down three things you’re grateful for and then close your eyes. Visualize your goals and imagine how good it will feel when you reach them. Set an intention to recognize and attract situations and circumstances that will bring you closer to your goals. Take another deep breath and open your eyes.


You can add on anything you’d like to your morning ritual. Remember that this new habit of starting your day intentionally is meant to hold space for all of the goodness you want to cultivate, so have fun with it and make sure to do something that you feel good about!


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