How To Party In Los Angeles With An Entourage

Los Angeles is an abysmal city of hope, opportunity and dreams. Being the second most densely populated city in the United States of America, Los Angeles is home to the world-famous entertainment industry – Hollywood. The party scene in the city of glamour and allure is exceptional and is a must on every traveller’s to-do list. Although a luxury Los Angeles minibus rental makes it easier to traverse through the city, there are a few things to consider while planning a party evening with your entourage.

Pub crawling can be challenging

Sure, it is the best way to start your evening, however, Los Angeles is the busiest city after New York and is always brimming with traffic. To add to the hurdle, the city has less number of bars and nightclubs compared to the Big Apple which means that you might end up stuck in the traffic while commuting between nightclubs. It is always better to decide on one place and enjoy the evening. Door policies are another factor to look at while visiting pubs and bars in Los Angeles. Certain areas such as Santa Monica and Venice are a better choice of location for your party night as they provide you with a higher number of nightclubs.


Party any day of the week

Unlike New York, Los Angeles has its own set of party rules and most of the happening parties take place between Monday to Thursday. If you decide to visit the pubs and clubs on a weekday, keep an eye out for celebrity spotting as even the glitterati prefer partying on a weekday. Weekends are the busiest time in nightclubs and you may either get caught in the traffic or end up waiting for your turn in the never-ending queues.



Reservations are recommended

As annoying as it may sound, reservations are a must in Los Angeles, especially if you are planning to dine in a fancy club. If you are planning to get together for a drink and decide to have dinner at one of Los Angeles hotspots, book a slot beforehand. Even then, there are chances that you might end up waiting for your turn. Moreover, Los Angeles nightclubs are particular about their dress codes. So, keep in mind to check them online before heading out. Some clubs do not even allow stag entries. It is essential to consider these factors before planning an incredible night out.


After-parties are preferred by the locals

The party scene in Los Angeles has a strict time out policy. People either start their night early in the evening and wrap up by nine or enjoy their time until the nightclubs close around 1.30 in the morning. The true party sense prevails after moving out of the club as many locals head out to their private properties to party through the night. Befriend some of the locals to get a peek into the after-party scene in Los Angeles. Unlike New York and other cities, Los Angeles clubs tend to close down early forcing people to look for an alternative. Head to Hollywood Hills to have a party of the lifetime!

Each state in the US has its unique set of beliefs, culture, and essence. Los Angeles is no exception and this is something one should definitely experience when on a trip to the glam city. Charter buses are a safer option to get around the city and it also allows each and everyone in the group to let their hair down without worrying about driving back safely.

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