How to Handle Your Mental Disorders during a Christmas lockdown

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A healthy state of mind refers to an individual’s capability to work effectively, appreciate their strengths, interact with others and cope with stress. Mental disorders have general characteristics of unusual emotions, thoughts, behaviour, relationships and perceptions. Some of the common disorders include bipolar, depression, anxiety, dementia, psychoses, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and developmental disorders. There are effective treatments that help normalize victim’s life and lessen the misery. Before trying any, it is ideal to go for a physical evaluation or lab tests to rule out other issues that may cause similar symptoms. Additionally, you can try natural ways that come with minimal side effects to manage your mental disorders.

Here are our top five tips;


Exercise More

Regular exercise for a mental health sufferer is not an easy feat. Most of them struggle with low mood and energy to take part even in the simplest body workouts. According to the Mental Health Foundation report, exercises have a positive impact on anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder. It also improves memory, relieves stress, enhances moods and enables one to sleep better. You do not have to indulge in complicated training to enjoy all these benefits. Even the modest level of exercises can make a huge difference. Getting started is the hardest part, but you should repeatedly remind yourself of the long-run benefits. On those low days, you can enlist a friend or relative to work out together.


Grab Some Quality Sleep

Sleeping well is one fundamental of quality life. If you sleep less, your general moods would most likely suffer. For proper body relaxation, one should maintain regular bedtimes in a relaxing room. While some people prefer sleeping with lights on, others find it more relaxing to slumber in the dark. Note that poor quality of sleep may augment mental health symptoms. So even if you are struggling to close your eyes, you need to find ways to improve on it. Start by avoiding stressful thoughts when preparing to go to bed. Set the alarm to ensure that you sleep and wake up at the same time daily. If possible, you can switch off your gadgets and read a book. For those who appreciate the relaxing power of music, listen to some soothing melodies before heading to bed.


Minimize your Tobacco Intake

There is a great connection between smoking and mental disorders. Most people who smoke say that it helps them to relax and reduce anxiety. There is some truth on that statement considering the high levels of nicotine in one cigar. Reports say that nicotine causes various health issues like blood pressure, narrow arteries and many others. However, for those who still want to experience some nicotine thrill, shisha is a great alternative. With minimal nicotine compared to cigarettes, it helps the human body to release a relaxing dopamine hormone once inhaled. Also, the wet and cooler hooker smoke has less irritating effects on the throat.


Eat Mood Enhancing Food

A human body thrives on a well-balanced diet; rich in nutrients with minimal fat. That means that whatever you put on your plate influences your overall body functioning. It is not always easy to discern nutrient deficiencies that worsen mental illnesses. You may need to engage a qualified dietician or nutritionist to guide you on proper eating habits. There are various types of food known for beneficial attributes to mental disorders. Studies state that nuts with a good supply of omega-3 fats help the brain’s neurotransmitters to perform much better. Fish also influence the same reaction, together with food high in probiotics like kombucha, yoghurt and kefir.


Get a Social Life

In most cases, mental health victims chose to stay indoors and away from other people. This is the worst mistake for any human being. A successful individual needs to relate with others for social and personal benefits. Once you share your worries and happiness with others, it leads to a more fulfilling life. Reach out to your friends and family. Volunteer or join a support group and share your experiences with other people. Even if you don’t feel like socializing, settle on an option that is most convenient for you.


Important note: Managing your mental disorders is an all-inclusive journey that revolves around sleeping well, exercising, socializing, less nicotine and a balanced diet. While these strategies may help to minimize your symptoms, you need to talk to your therapist on the best option for your disorder.

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