How to get a fuller pout, surgery free!

If you want the secret to surgery free, filler free poutier and plumper lips, look no further.  There has been a rise in acclaim for these types of products recently. One of the primary contributors being Candylipz, originally produced in the US there are now stockists all over the world.

With a temporary effect, the lip plumper uses a similar concept to Chinese cupping therapy and has been proven as 100% safe. Cupping therapy has been found in ancient records dating back 3,500 years and creates a local suction on the skin that aids the release of trapped toxins from deep within the skin tissues, which helps to improve the cells oxygen movement and nutrient intake.

I’ve tried and tested this product, and at first I was a little sceptical and unsure of how it would work, but it really does, although a little hard to get the hang of to start with. I did get some hickey-like bruising which isn’t ideal, however it does go down. The type of bruising you may get can depend on your age, diet and paleness of the skin. With the plumper lip effect being only temporary, it lasts between one and one and a half to two hours depending on the individual. You do feel a slight pinching and suction of the lips but the pain really is minimal. Your lips do become accustomed to the suction of the product; this takes 7-10 days which is the conditioning period. After this conditioning period you can use the plumper as often as you wish.

Many people have rumoured that this is the method Kylie Jenner uses to achieve her exaggerated pout as opposed to botox fillers. And of course, Candylipz comes at the fraction of the price they would cost.
There are two different lip plumping apples, one red and one green. The difference between the two is that the green apple includes a feature which induces the effect of a double lobed bottom lip whereas the red is the standard single lobed effect.
You can enhance either both bottom and top lip at the same time, or use the stopper included to do them independently.
Whilst using the product, I found that the gel cushion worked best, this is an extra item that comes separately. You attach it onto the mouth piece and it encourages increased suction and helps to prevent reddening around the mouth.
I will persevere with Candylipz and complete my conditioning period, perhaps my scepticism will be relieved once I get used to it, especially as it is only temporary.

If you are looking to enhance your pout, the UK stockist for this product is Gemma Wright, and can be found at
The Candylipz apples cost £54.99 each or a duo pack is available to purchase- one of each colour, which costs £99
The mouth cushion costs an extra £4.50 and postage comes in at £4.99.
More information can be found on the website as well as the conditioning period steps.

If you don’t mind walking around with a  slightly bruised mouth for a week for the sake of beauty reformation then I’d recommend the product to those who wish to banish their thin lips.
Make sure you have a tube of arnica cream to hand!




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