How to Become a Professional Slot Player Online

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Slots are one of the easiest, most profitable and most popular online casino games ever. Not many people know this, but they actually yield higher profits compared to land-based slot games in casinos. Because they are easy, people don’t consider this type of game an option when looking at how to be a professional gambler. 

One may think of poker, which is a very popular professional game, and blackjack for example. We’re here to tell you that it’s more than possible to become a professional slot player, and it’s easier than you think. 

Playing Slots in the UK

Here in the UK, you have the potential of becoming a professional slot player very early on. The legal gambling age in the country is 18, for both online and land-based establishments. So if you think you’re lucky and want to try your hand at slots in a professional capacity, you can do so while you’re young. There are also opportunities for free games, such as 20 free spins no deposit uk.

Is it really possible to get lucrative payouts from slot machines? These 7 biggest wins of all time speak for themselves. 

Becoming a Professional Slot Player Online

Let’s take a closer look at how to ensure success if you do decide to become a professional slot player.

Your Bankroll Management

Keeping good track of your money is the key to making good decisions and keep you afloat throughout your professional career. In other words, managing your budget will keep you from losing everything and making irresponsible choices.

Bankroll management is not something the casino will do for you. In fact, it is actually costing them more money. Being smarter with your budget means it’s less likely that you will go bust, or chase wins and end up with a giant goose egg. Who gets the money if you lose it all? The online casino.

To be a professional player, you need to get a good handle on your money. You don’t have to have a large sum to start. You can start even with just a few hundred dollars in your account. 

Learning the Slot Machine Details

How do you expect to win if you don’t understand how slots work? Immerse yourself in the digital casino world and learn everything there is to know about slots. Oftentimes, not understanding the slot may be the only thing standing in the way of major wins. 

Every casino game, even in online casinos, gives an advantage to the house. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win from it. All it takes is knowing when to stop. With slot games, it’s easier to figure it out. When you notice you are on a losing streak, cut your losses and come back at a later time.

There are some strategies that you can adopt to even your odds. Taking into account the RTP, or return to player, is one way. The RTP is a percentage signifying your return from your bets. The average RTP for slot games is pretty high, at 96%. 

To ensure more winning chances, look for slot machines that detail RTPs higher than that. That way, your odds of winning will be higher, especially if you pick lower volatility games. 

Choose the Right Slots Bonuses

Slots vary greatly from appearance to mechanics. Playing a new slot theme every day can be fun, but that isn’t what you should base your choices on. Instead, look at the mechanics offered. Even if a slot has high volatility, the features can sometimes offset that figure. 

For example, a slot machine with a progressive jackpot, infinity reels, sticky wilds, plenty of free spins, respins and multipliers will definitely be worth the high volatility. 

You can also think about balancing the RTP and the max payout. For example, If there is a game with a 97% RTP and a max payout of 5000 compared to one with a 96% RTP but a max jackpot of 20,000, the one percent is not worth worrying about if the end result is 4x greater.

It’s all about leveraging the right statistics and mechanics in slot games to become a successful professional online slot player.

Alexandra Vasilkova, our resident slot expert also says online slots review can aid you when you’re making a decision. Other people will have played these games and can offer honest opinions. You can read more about Alexandra and her expertise.


You can choose any game in an online casino to play in a professional capacity. The key is to know how to do it.

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