How men really feel about colour with Bic Shave Club

Bic Shave Club the subscription service delivering refillable razors directly to your door, reveals the colours that men are really drawn to and how colour influences their purchasing decisions in their everyday lives.

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) in the world are colour-blind versus only 1 in 200 women. This means there are roughly three million British men suffering from the condition, yet this research suggests they still have strong preferences when it comes to colour. The colours we choose in our purchasing decisions are often considered an expression of our identity, and this new research from BIC SHAVE CLUB reveals the most and least popular colours based on the preferences of British men today.

Even in today’s modern world, it’s interesting to note that we’re still confirming to the stereotypical social norms of ‘pink for a girl and blue for a boy’, with blue topping the list as British men’s favourite colour. Also in the top three is head turning red (17%) and in third place, black (11%), which although some would argue isn’t a colour at all, remains a popular choice for males, especially when it comes to clothing. As well as the most popular colours generally, these three also stood out as the colours men find themselves most drawn to when buying fashion items too.

Pink was voted as the least favourite colour amongst British men. Despite being a trendy colour, particularly in the summer months, other bright colours were also in the top three least favourite colours, which also included the bright and sunny yellow (11%) and the tropical colour of orange (10%).

The importance of colour is evidently a deciding factor when it comes to men’s purchasing decisions, with 17% likely to choose grooming products that stand out on the shelf in brighter colours, 19% looking to buy vehicles including cars and bikes that come in bolder shades and 27% choosing coloured technology products. Historically, big name tech brands have only offered product in a limited number of colours, typically in variations of gold, black and white but are now expanding their offering to meet the demand from customers for more choice of colour.

When it comes to the biggest influence on men when choosing the colour of their clothes, it would appear that mood is the number one factor that can affect this. This was particularly prominent in the younger demographic, where over half of men (55%) of 25-34 year olds admitted to picking out certain outfits based on how they were feeling. The older age bracket were least affected by mood, with only 35% of 55+ year olds finding this a contributing factor to their outfits they picked out to wear. The great British weather also plays its part when influencing colours of outfits, with 20% choosing their clothing based on conditions outdoors. And some men were found to be ‘under the thumb’, so to speak, with several cases of the most influential reason for choosing clothes in a particular colour being their wife’s opinion!

The new research also revealed that those living in Greater London are far more likely to follow the latest trends when it comes to fashion, with 21% finding the latest fashion trends inspiring when picking out their own outfits. Other regions which follow fashion include those in the North East (19%) whereas the capital, London, known for its sense of style was down in third place (17%).

With over a third of British men describing their dress sense as consisting of mainly neutrals but sometimes adding a bold pop of colour, the most colourful items in their wardrobes are t-shirts, with nearly half of all men (48%) choosing colourful tops to brighten up their outfits. Other popular colourful items included underwear (31%) and socks (32%), perhaps a result of the 247% increase in searches for novelty socks in December, deemed as perfect stocking fillers! 

This research has been conducted to coincide with BIC SHAVE CLUB’s new product launch of non-disposable, top-quality razor blades that can be delivered straight to your door which you can subscribe to via

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