How Influencers Feel Like Friends

In a time where people are more disconnected with one another, people are becoming more connected virtually with the help of influencers. Influencers have taken hold on all of our lives in one way or another. They can give us helpful lifestyle tips that make us feel more productive or they provide us with relatable content. 

It’s truly a revolutionary idea that someone recording their daily routine can have such a hold on people. Alix Earle for instance, is an extremely successful social media influencer who has risen to fame not just for her style, makeup, or lifestyle but rather for her relatability. She shows a side of herself many influencers would be hesitant to post or share with millions of people, such as her messy room, the morning after a night out, and her struggles with acne. She can reach viewers who come from all different walks of life just by posting content that people feel seen.

A day in a life video that is filled with errands, chores, and the mundane aspects of life are presented with a breath of fresh air. Showing the boring parts of life creates a comforting reminder that even the most extravagant lifestyles are seasoned with boring but necessary parts of life. 

There is a sense of community that follows along with being a fan or viewer of an influencer. There’s a commonality between the internet community and the influencer whether that is an interest in beauty, fitness, cooking, and anything else in between. People also love having a source of inspiration and motivation which they can find through influencers. Many young adults find it releasing to see other 20 year olds figuring out the adult world. We all watch to witness their highs and lows but also to feel that we’re not the only ones experiencing the fear of growing up. People love feeling that the people they’re watching are just like them. The feeling of being seen and heard while never actually meeting that person. 

The idea that someone we idealize is also a real person with emotions, weaknesses, and flaws creates a sense of relatability. Strangely, influencers can feel like long-distance friends that we check in with from time to time. They can make our problems feel smaller than they are or help us forget about them for a while.  Influencers create an escape from the worries of reality and help us find the joy or excitement in smaller things. It’s thrilling to see your favorite content creator post a new video whether that be a get ready with me, a new recipe, or a story time. 

Many people from older generations believe that influencers jobs involve no real work but it is quite the opposite. One person being able to connect with millions of people with similar interests is a remarkable thing. It helps people feel seen and more connected than ever before. 

The importance of influencers in this day and age can not go unnoticed, as they continue to shape the way users consume and engage with content. Whether it’s through activism, lifestyle tips, or just being relatable, they have created a significant place as influential figures connecting millions.

It’s comforting to see influencers break the fourth wall and take their viewers along with them. There’s an element of excitement regarding the relatability from people we enjoy watching and are inspired by. Compared to movies or TV shows, this type of entertainment involves on the viewers which eliminates the fear of alienation and creates a beautiful online community. While it’s important to never compare your life to others, it is nice to get inspiration or entertainment from people we could see as friends.

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