As thousands of freshers up and down the country prepare to embark on the next chapter of their life, new research out today from global smartphone manufacturer Huawei reveals that contrary to popular belief, its students who are more likely to keep in touch with their parents during their first term of University.

The study of over 2,000 parents and students revealed that on average, students tend to call their parents 21 times during their first term, versus parents who admitted to checking in with their kids just 18 times during the ten-week tenure.

While over a third (35%) of students confessed to calling their parents while at University because they are homesick, half of students (47%) admitted to phoning home to ask a silly question, such as how to wash their clothes (28%), how to use the oven (10%), how to iron properly (10%) and how to cook pasta (8%). Meanwhile, a quarter (23%) revealed that their reasons for contacting mum and dad were less innocent, only getting in touch when they need money (23%) or because their parents have asked them to and they feel guilty (19%).

When asked what they missed most about home after leaving for University (aside from their parents), students cited home-cooked dinners (14%), the family pet (11%) and free food (10%) as the top reasons, which came in above missing their siblings, grandparents and friends from home.

On the flip side, parents revealed that the top reasons they keep in touch with their kids at University are to catch-up (71%), check that they are happy (58%) and to make sure that they are healthy (41%) and eating well (29%). That being said, 6% of parents admitted to calling their children because they weren’t sure how to use technology, such as their PC or laptop, while 5% get in touch because they need help with their smartphone.

When faced with the prospect of an empty nest, one in 10 parents amusingly said that they had booked or indeed gone on holiday within one month of their child leaving for University, while 13% went a step further and renovated their child’s bedroom.

Justin Costello, Head of Marketing, Huawei UK & Ireland said: “When children head to university, keeping in touch becomes all the more important as families adjust to no longer living under the same roof. Packed full of AI advancements, supreme battery life and dual front and rear cameras, the Mate 20 lite is the perfect device for helping students and parents to stay connected and sharing the moments that matter.”

To encourage parents and their kids to stay in touch during Fresher’s Week, Huawei has launched the Huawei Communication Contract. To be in with a chance of winning a pair of Mate 20 lite devices to stay in touch, students simply have to visit and upload a video message of themselves reading the contract out loud on the @HuaweiMobileUK Facebook page.


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