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‘We are an independent horror, action, grind-house film. Follow Father Josh as he battles his way through demons and the underworld. Offering salvation one bullet at a time.’

If that line has drawn you in then let me inform you about an exciting film that you can help fund. This is being produced by an actor known as Kyle Hester who actually asked me on Twitter to help fund his movie. As a huge fan of the film industry and Independent Cinema, I wanted to do what I could to help so that is why I am passing on the message to all of you. If I can help a filmmaker achieve his dream then that achieves one of my own dreams as well.

Kyle Hester has been acting since the 7th grade and this film is a lifelong passion for him. After acting for many years, Kyle was given the opportunity to produce a film called “The Chair” and had the honour of working with many great actors including the late Roddy Piper. He then worked in a movie called “Zombie With a Shotgun”. Now it his turn. His wife Tracy Ray is the screenwriter of “Preacher Six”. Kyle believes that she ‘has created a world of wonders that will leave you wanting to know more’.

A small synopsis of the film reads: ‘Preacher Six is a small town preacher that is summoned to the big city where he ends up fighting evil in a literal sense’

Their funding page mentions: ‘If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. No remakes, redo’s, sequels, do-overs for us! Let’s take film back!! If you like Quentin Tarantino type films, you will love this one!! “Preacher Six” is like “Taxi Driver” meets “Sin City” meets “The Prophesy”’ I mean what an interesting mix of concepts and movies. I do have a love for a lot of what is mentioned there and I am sure many others do. Maybe this will manage to be the perfect blend of them all.

The cast of Preacher Six includes: 

Kyle Hester from “The Chair”

Carmen Argenziano from “Godfather II”!

Zach Galligan from “Gremlins”!

Bill Oberst from “Criminal Minds”!

Naomi Grossman from “American Horror Story”!

Tomas Boykin from “Voodoo Possession”!

David Banks from “Cut”!

Lawrence Chau from Ghostly Encounters”!

Ezra Buzzington from “Fight Club”!

Mary Le Gault from “Death Factory”!

Jeremy Fultz from “Zombie With a Shotgun”!

Independent films need all the help they can get. The digital age has offered a lot more potential to how they can begin but they still need the help of film fanatics. They currently have the opportunity to submit the film to the First Glance Film Festival but they need to finish before the cut off (December 31st). No matter what happens if you do contribute to this film it will get finished.

There is also plenty of perks up for grabs if you donate such as signed copies of the movie, your name in the credits, signed posters and many more.

If you are feeling generous and would love to help a man achieve his dream then just click on the link below.

Also, here is a link to one of the trailers –



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