Headphones Just Got a New Look

Wearable tech has been making its way onto our wish lists and with wearable tech growing at a fast pace with a plethora of smartwatches, developing eyewear and the way we listen to music, some of these devices lack one thing – style appeal.

Integrating a piece of wearable technology that fits your individual style is a must and fashion lovers are ever so eager to score the next fashionable accessory. Well, if you are looking to score the next big thing in tech, we have just the thing.

One brand that is looking to strike a note and raise the bar with fashion gurus, music lovers and tech savvy individuals is the ONE Fashion Headphones. Cukooland has added German designer Jaxmotech’s range of headphones that deliver fashion and function without compromising style to their collection of unique gifts.


From a distance, these cleverly designed headphones resemble a necklace, but with closer inspection the wearer is listening to their favourite tunes or chatting with family and friends via their smartphone. With an integrated microphone, users are able to answer/un-answer telephone calls, play, pause and skip music and control volume, along with voice recognition, all through the control of a button.

If we could not be anymore in love with these headphones, the magnetic clasp holds the necklace to provide tangle-free headphones (which is honestly the worst) when you need them the most whilst providing high-quality sound.

With a range of colours available, The ONE Fashion Headphones start from £35 – check out the collection here.