Guys’ night in ideas

Everyone loves spending the evening out, especially on a weekend after a hard week at work. There are, however, times when you don’t have the energy, time or willingness to leave your home for any type of entertainment. This is the perfect opportunity for a guys’ night in, when you can get your friends together and do something fun in the comfort of your home. There are many things worth considering, such as movies and light drinking but games in general and poker, in particular, are the most tempting proposition.


What makes a poker night so exciting?

Poker is the most popular table game in the world and one of the most appreciated casino games both online and in brick-and-mortar locations. Pretty much everyone knows it and even though the learning curve is smooth, this is a game that rewards perseverance and commitment. Guys are by nature competitive and they like those games that encourage them to excel, to outshine others. Even in the friendly environment of one’s home, a little competition goes a long way and poker is perfect for this.

Hosting a poker night isn’t the kind of commitment that would scare away people. You don’t need much to have a lot of fun with your buddies and you can set the game up with online casino sites like in less than an hour. A deck of cards and maybe a backup deck are needed, a decent table and a room where all your friends can sit comfortably. This is enough to set the stage for an epic guys’ night in and you can spice things up with quality music and fine drinks.

The level of competition is significantly lower than if you were to play in a land-based casino or poker parlor. Savvy poker players might be a bit disappointed, but recreational ones will surely appreciate this environment. You can take breaks whenever you like, talk to your buddies and eat pizza, while returning to the table whenever you feel comfortable. There’s no added pressure from strangers and no time constrictions either, so the game is played in a friendly fashion.


Try the high-tech alternative of an online poker night

The obvious way to enjoy a game of poker with your friends is around the physical table and with a deck of cards in your hand. Having said this, there is nothing wrong in trying something different every now and then and online poker is always worth considering. If not all of the guests are interested in playing, or they don’t know the game well enough, online poker could be a fine alternative.

One or several guests can take a seat at the virtual tables and compete with complete strangers over the Internet. His friends can share their insights on how the hands should be played, or simply watch him try to outshine his opponents. Watching and rooting for a friend who plays poker is the second-best alternative to playing yourself and definitely something worth considering