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We often find that our taste buds (and waistlines) suffer at the hands of supermarket snacks. On far too frequent a basis, I shamefully succumb to the faint whispers of a Pop Tart and console my beaten pride by saying “we’ll fight the temptation next time.” I don’t. I don’t fight it. It’s a lie.

Graze have answered our collective cries for a niche yet to be filled: provide customers with a selection of healthy, tasty snacks, conveniently delivered straight to your door or desk. Essentially, we want to be healthy but have to put in as little effort as possible.

They only entered the UK market six years ago, started up by a group of seven friends who all loved food and wanted a whole lot more from their snacking. After a delightful email exchange with one of the employees at Graze, I managed to get a couple of boxes sent over to ‘rate or slate’ for Verge. Suffice to say, my tummy was ever so thankful.


Variety and feedback

This would be an appropriate opportunity for you to browse through Graze’s list of snacks. My own boxes? Well, I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say that Eleanor’s Apple Crumble, Omega Booster Seeds and Boston Baguettes were all, for lack of a better visual description, inhaled.

The variety on offer is quite staggering; with more than 10 different box types, Graze has a continuously extending list of tasty packages to try, in some cases, for the first time ever.

On top of this, you can also ‘Rate or Slate’ individual items, giving customers the power of personalisation while still keeping that element of surprise with each delivery. I’ve sincerely been excited with the arrival of every delivery so far.

IMG_1630 IMG_1626

Convenience and value

As humans, we tend to live either lazy or hectic lives; rarely are we in-between. For this reason, the convenience of a product that not only selects healthy snacks for you but also delivers them straight to you at home or work: perfection.

Each box presents 4 snacks for around £4 (again, check out the website for an exact list of prices). Is the price steep? If you have an appetite like mine, then you’ll need a little extra on top of lunch anyway and, let’s face it, anything is going to be better for your stomach (and employee bathroom) than that lump of mush loosely labelled as a ‘Tuna Panini’ from the café downstairs.

I would confidently say that the price is justified, so much so that I have signed up to two boxes a week!

graze4 graze3 IMG_1641


Food for thought

My favourite thing about Graze, though, is this: it gets people thinking. Food should never be a conveyor belt system, where we eat enough to sustain us through the day.

Years of our lives are spent preparing and consuming food, yet the process of eating has become nothing more than ’necessary’. We often forget to really consider the consequences of what we’re putting into our bodies (behave).

The snacks are great, but what I thank Graze for is the insight into a healthier way of living for the rookie forager, like myself. I’m suddenly far more interested in what I’m eating, I’ve started preparing food for work, drinking more water (and green tea) and am introducing cardio into my workout routine for the first time in a couple of years.

I guess I can’t explain it completely, but Graze has indirectly pushed me in the right direction towards having a sincere interest in a healthy lifestyle. For that, I’m incredibly appreciative. 



A young, friendly (digital) face

As well as having both a responsive and personal approach to social media (I recommend you give them a follow on Twitter and Facebook), I was relatively surprised to hear that they’re still considered a ‘small business’.

Expect this to change; the beautifully packaged boxes that deliver tailored, healthy snacks right to your door, or desk at work, really is something quite special.

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